Radiant Angel a John Corey Novel
Nelson DeMille
Grand Central Publishing 2015
320 pages

Radiant Angel reads like a Roger Moore era James Bond. Hero John Corey must somehow thwart the nefarious plan of a madman. There are lots of chases, shootings, and heroics. This action thriller is a perfect beach read. Radiant Angel (John Corey Book 7) on Kindle

This is the ninth John Corey novel by Nelson DeMille. Familiarity with the previous novel, The Panther, would help in understanding some of the references Corey makes here and there and understanding one of the important behind-the-scenes characters. If this is your first John Corey thriller, such knowledge is not essential to enjoying Radiant Angel but the number of references to Panther and of backstory that bleeds into Radiant Angel make for a somewhat annoying read.

John Corey himself is an odd character for a lead in a thriller. He is very much a grumbler, perhaps even a bellyacher, who is never quite satisfied with how the agency he is currently working for –he seems to have been through a few– is doing things and how much better is does these things.

There is no doubt Nelson DeMille excels at the action part of the thriller. He quickly sets up the many supporting characters and makes them more than cardboard plot movers.

Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille is very much what I like to call popcorn for the mind.