Dead Man Switch
Matthew Quirk
Mulholland Books 2017
320 pages

Dead Man Switch by Matthew Quirk is an easy to read thriller. Someone is targeting Special Ops agents and only John Hayes can stop killer. That killer may or may not be protegee Claire Rhodes who may be innocent but have figured out what is going on before everybody else. Meanwhile, the killer is plotting to get all his targets in one easy to hit spot for a grand finale. Dead Man Switch on Kindle

You do not need to be familiar with Cold Barrel Zero, the previous Matthew Quirk thriller featuring John Hayes to enjoy this one. The pacing is quite good and, for a reader who these days has the attention span of a goldfish, the many characters and events do not get confusing.

The reveal of who the mastermind behind the nefarious plot is pretty good but does not really bear too much scrutiny. This the only moment in Dead Man Switch where a reader’s willing suspension of disbelief is a little strained.

Once read, Dead Man Switch by Matthew Quirk does not have long term shelf life as it does not really stand out from the lot. It is however a good read and sometimes that is all that is required from a thriller.