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The Last Undercover: The True Story of an FBI?s Agent Dangerous Dance With Evil
Bob Hamer
Center Street 2008
352 pages Hardcover

True crime books are not on my favorites list. That said, The Last Undercover: The True Story of an FBI Agent's Dangerous Dance With Evil by former FBI undercover agent Bob Hamer may be an autobiography and a true crime book but it is a good read that sometimes plays like an adventure novel. It may be a bit disorganized but it is easier on the reader than its ham fisted title

The main reason I found The Last Undercover to be a good read is Bob Hamer can not only tell a story but he also has a sense of humor and is not self-aggrandizing. Its rather conversational tone, you can picture Hamer telling you his tales over a few beers, also helps. Hamer also has a good sense of humor and that helps.

This true crime autobiography is a bit too episodic. It becomes somewhat difficult to keep track of all the cases Hamer is writing about at the same time. There are also interesting allusions to other undercover investigations that are not discussed in this book.

Hamer's main concern and the core of The Last Undercover is his infiltration of NAMBLA, a pro-pedophile group. This is where the author's emotions are most palpable. Unfortunately, this investigation is the hardest to follow with its cast of 10 or so different criminals.

The tale also covers Hamer's adventures as an undercover drug agent in L.A., his attempts to arrest a man procuring female circumcision operations, and trying to nab people tampering with horse racing results. The section on the various characters hanging around a race track is the book's most colorful.

If there is a constant in this book is criminals are more stupid than they are greedy and they are even more talkative.

The Last Undercover: The True Story of an FBI's Agent Dangerous Dance With Evil will please those who like true crime books and are somewhat generous readers.