Don’t Lie To Me is the fifth and final Mitch Tobin mystery novel by Tucker Coe aka Donald E. Westlake. If you like a closed room mystery, you will be well served by this novel.

Former cop Mitch Tobin is now night watchman at the Museum of American Graphic Art. On his rounds he finds the body of a naked man. All of the doors to the museum are locked so how did the body get there?

A secondary plot line involves his former mistress Linda. She asks Tobin to use what he has left of his influence with the cops to get some bad guys to lay off her husband. He has recently been freed from jail and has no intention of joining a gang and going back inside.

The bad guys go after Mitch Tobin and this just muddles the issue for the cops in charge of finding out who left the body in the museum. It also complicates things for Tobin who wants to keep Linda’s presence the night of the murder a secret.

This may not be Donald E. Westlake’s best mystery novel but it is certainly entertaining and a good read.

Don’t Lie to Me
A Mitch Tobin mystery
Tucker Coe
Donald E. Westlake
Originally published 1972
Mysterious Press 2013

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