Easily one of the most superb and entertaining mystery movies every made was the classic The Thin Man starring the incredible William Powell and the delectable Myrna Loy. Any fan of film noir will enjoy the sophisticated, rapid fire wit and impeccable timing between Nick and Nora Charles.

There are a couple of murders in this movie but the murders, the investigation and resolution seemingly serve as a backdrop to stylish clothing, a well written script and seamless delivery. That’s not to say that the film adaptation of the Dashiell Hammett’s novel is without intrigue. The Thin Man was not a heavy mystery novel to begin with. Nick Charles is an investigator who has fallen into the lap of luxury in the form of his wife Nora and her family fortune and has no seeming intention or desire to return to being a tough guy.

Nick is pulled into the intrigue of a missing wealthy inventor by his beautiful daughter and his wife Nora who has a taste for risky business. Nick and Nora are an amazing couple with an intense and loving dynamic that seems to be based around their inability to remain sober. As silly as that sounds it is an intrinsic part of the light hearted humor of this murder mystery as their antics while under the influence can only be described as slapstick.

While this is a definitely a light movie it is also a must see movie. The beauty of the language, the marvelous costumes and laugh out loud humor is delivered with such aplomb as to make it irresistible. Modern audiences raised on colour everything might be taken aback at first by black and white film the lack of colour is soon forgotten as the story takes hold.

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