Nick and Nora are back in the fifth installment of the Thin Man franchise in The Thin Man Goes Home. Mercifully “Little Nicky” is absent from The Thin Man Goes Home and Asta is almost invisible. Like many people Nick is looks forward to and dreads returning home. And needless to say it wouldn’t be a Thin Man movie if there weren’t a murder to solve. In this case the entire case, murder and all, is the result of Nora’s desire to give Nick a present which would remind him of his youth and stirring up trouble for the sake of trouble to allow Nick the opportunity to impress his father.

There are some other major changes in this installment of The Thin Man. Nick is on the wagon. Nick is sober as a judge in this entire movie. The playful banter between Nick and Nora is on the wane though they are still clearly smitten with each other. This is a rock solid mystery story though. From start to finish there is no element of the story which doesn’t relate to the mystery at hand.

This fifth Thin Man movie is an out and out mystery movie. There are significantly less humourous elements than were in the earlier movies. While the lessening of the comedic elements might put off some fans of the franchise this is still a solid movie. The success of The Thin Man movies has always been tied to the chemistry between Nick and Nora and that is back in spades. Add to that a good story line and solid acting and you have the formula for a solid penultimate Thin Man mystery that is definitely worth your time.

As with all the other Thin Man movies on DVD the special features section is something you can give a pass unless you are really bent on wasting time or have a penchant for bad cartoons by Tex Avery. Whoops I used Tex Avery and bad cartoon in the same sentence – I seem to be repeating myself. Other than that, enjoy!

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