My Gun Is Quick Mike Hammer
Bobby Bray, Whitney Blake, Don Randolph
Directed by Phil Victor
Black and white widescreen 1957
MGM 2011

Robert Bray is a generic and sometimes scenery chewing Mike Hammer in an adaptation of Mickey Spillane’s My Gun Is Quick. Its 91 minutes feature a filler chase scene, low rent production values, and somewhat heavy handed acting. Part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection that is produced on demand, My Gun Is Quick is entertaining. The print used here is good though some of the stock footage was already showing wear.

Private eye Mike Hammer meets a dame at a lunch counter. He roughs up a guy bothering her and gives her a few bucks to take the bus back home. When the dame gets murdered, Hammer decides to avenge her murder in some kind of existentialist good and evil balancing the books quest.

Turns out the dame was killed because of some WW II stolen jewels a Colonel Holoway (Donald Randolph) sort of liberated from the Germans and got arrested for. A French gang that includes a guy with a hook hand is also after the jewels.

It is somewhat unclear why the ring was so important if the bad guys want to carve up the jewels for the diamonds.

My Gun Is Quick entertains in a B-movie kind of way. The showdown at the boat yard is visually interesting. This Mike Hammer DVD will best be appreciated by low rent Noir and Mickey Spillane fans.

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