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Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Michelle Williams
Directed by Marcei Langenegger
20th Century Fox Home Video 2008
107 minutes

Deception is a very good thriller, but also one of those slow, subtle, moody movies you have to be in the right frame of mind for. If you are, Deception is a keeper. This DVD mystery is smart, well-made, and gorgeously filmed but it is not, for the most part, fast-paced nor high energy. There is no deception however in this movie being billed as a sleek, erotic thriller. It is also totally Hugh Jackman’s movie.

Hugh Jackman plays Jonathan McQuarry, a mild-mannered accountant (duh!) and Jason Bateman look-alike. When he mistakenly ends up with the cell phone of a corporate lawyer pal, he discovers it is the key to a world of carnal pleasure he never knew possible. A bit starved for anything like a life, McQuarry plunges head first into this world. He soon has a spring in his step and, very symbolically, doors that closed in his face are now kept open for him.

>McQuarry even meets the girl of his dreams and falls for her like a ton of bricks. A ton of bricks then falls on him and this is where Deception really takes off. Revealing more than Deception is an accurate title would spoil this mystery. Perhaps McQuarry’s lawyer pal says it best, though: “That was foreplay, and now you’re f’ed.

Deception is one hell of a cat and mousy accountant thriller.

Extra features on the Deception DVD include the usual banal director commentary track, a Making Of Deception short, and a somewhat more interesting Club Sexy featurette where we are told such worlds as the world of Deception exist.