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88 Minutes
Al Pacino, Alicia Witt, Leelee Sobieski
Directed by Jon Avnet
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
107 minutes

88 Minutes is an excellent, tell your friends they have to watch it thriller. Any movie with Al Pacino already has something going for it. Add a very good story and a solid supporting cast and you get 88 Minutes, a thriller mystery DVD that knows how to keep you interested to the end. Everything works in this movie.

Pacino plays forensic psychiatrist Jack Gramm. His expert testimony alone put killer and rapist Jon Forster in jail. Nine years later Forster has exhausted all his appeals and is scheduled to be executed. Coincidentally, there has been a series of murders that are exactly like Forster’s and one of them hits close to Gramm the night before the execution date.

The psychiatrist then gets a phone call telling him he has 88 minutes to live and the voice on the other end seems to know quite a lot about the doctor’s past. The mystery caller also likes to keep reminding Gramm how much time he has left with messages that indicate he or she is close by.

There is a lot more to this thriller than that of course. Everybody around Gramm is a suspect, the doctor is suspicious of everyone around him, and the mystery voice is very resourceful.

There are quite a few excellent plot twists and turns that just increase the tension each and every time.

Pacino is excellent in 88 Minutes. He chose to play Gramm as a very reserved man nothing will throw off kilter and this adds to the tension in this thriller. Gramm seems to take the threat is stride while trying to figure out who is making it and what is the connection to the Forster case.

88 Minutes is a keeper.

Special features include a director’s comment. Those things are usually banal and this is no exception but at least it is subtitled so you can read the banalities while watching 88 Minutes. There is also an alternate ending that shows director Jon Avnet made the right call on this thriller.