Cold Comes the Night
Bryan Cranston, Alice Eve
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2014
90 minutes

Cold Comes the Night is an excellent thriller starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as Topo, a Rooshian gangster who one day stop at  a small town motel. The gangster and his driver are on their way to making a delivery and they stop for a few hours to get some shut-eye. That is when things go very wrong. This is a movie that keeps you guessing and interested to the very last scene once you get over Cranston’s fake accent.

Chloe (Alice Eve) is the single mom who runs the motel. The driver gets killed by a hooker, the gangster’s car gets impounded. Topo (Cranston) forces Chloe to go get the money hidden in the car. It seems Billy, the local cop has taken the money. Topo keeps Chloe at gunpoint while he figures out how she will  get the money back for him.

Cold Comes the Night works not only because it is a good, tight story but also because Chloe is a very strong character. You do not get to know too much about her background but it is soon established she is one tough cookie who will do anything to make her daughter’s life better.

There are a couple of particularly good twists in this thriller, I certainly liked the little extra touch given by the rolled up cash that is Chloe’s life savings and that she keeps in a ceramic jar.