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Down the River Unto the Sea

 I enjoyed Walter Mosley's latest mystery novel Down The River Unto The Sea and I have never been a big Mosley fan. This novel introduces a new character and a new environment; readers will enjoy both. Kindle version at AmazonJoe King Oliver is a former NYPD officer who was framed out of his job and is now struggling to make ends meet as a private detective. He also has an angry ex-wife to contend with and a daughter who works ... More

The Undertaker s Daughter

 A mystery novel without much of a mystery and where the murder is solved by very secondary characters makes for a strange read. The Undertaker's Daughter by Danish crime writer Sara Blaedel is a strange read indeed. Fans of her Detective Louise Ricks series will probably find this odd duck of a book interesting. I would not recommend it as an introduction to this writer.Ilka Nichols lives an uneventful life in Copenhagen until she learns her long estranged father now ... More

The Secrets She Keeps

 Now THIS is a good book!  With it, Michael Robotham has become a favourite author, with his next work greatly anticipated.The Secrets She Keeps is Robotham's latest thriller, and thrill it does.Written in a first person narrative, it follows the parallel but intersecting lives of two seemingly diverse women.  Agatha is a stocking clerk at a local grocery store who dreams of true love and a better life.  Envied and admired by Agatha, Megan Shaughnessy is a woman who appears ... More

The Day She Disappeared

 Set in a small English community where the main activities revolve around bars and boat rides, The Day She Disappeared is the latest suspense/mystery by Sunday Times bestselling author Christobel Kent. Under the eerie backdrop of the body of a young man being fished from the weir, Nat knows that something is wrong.  Her barmaid buddy best friend Beth is gone.  But not only is she gone, she is missing.  Since Beth has a reputation of being wild and carefree ... More

End Game - A Will Robie thriller

 David Baldacci is a safe bet in an airport bookshop. He writes excellent thrillers with intriguing, well-defined, out of the ordinary characters and mystery or conspiracy plots that keep the reader interested to the last page.  End Game, a thriller featuring Will Robie and Jessica Reel is no exception to that rule though this one is not the best in the bunch.Robie and Reel work for a mysterious U.S. Government agency and an even more mysterious boss named Blue Man. ... More

Lucky You

 Carl Hiaasen is known for his wild tales featuring over-the-top yet believable characters put in extremely weird circumstances. Striptease with Demi Moore is based on one of his novels. This makes for a fun, light, easy to read mystery bordering on the tall tale. Lucky You is in that vein but not the best of Hiaasen catalogue.JoLayne Lucks lives in Grange, Florida, a small town with little to show for it aside from a Virgin Mary statue who cries tears ... More

Wednesday s Child

 The Inspector Banks you see in the BBC series is a much colder and reserved character than the more convivial and family-oriented Inspector Banks featured in the series by Peter Robinson. Both are good but I have a slight preference for the mystery novel version.In Wednesday's Child a child is taken from her mother by two social workers. When the child is not returned, Banks discovers the individuals were not social workers but has no idea who they were and ... More

Two Kinds of Truth - A Harry Bosch Mystery

One sign of having a major depression is not being able to finish a Michael Connelly mystery in four sittings or less. My apologies then to the fans of this site for being late on the review of the twentieth Harry Bosch novel Two Kinds of Truth which features Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller. But you already know: It's a Connelly so of course it's great.Two Kinds of Truth refers to many things in this novel. One is what the evidence ... More

The Atwelle Confession

 The Atwelle Confession is a historical thriller by Joel Gordonson.The church in the small community of  Atwelle, England is struggling financially during the time when Henry VIII is seeking the emancipation from his marriage to Anne Boleyn that spurred his bold break from the Catholic church.   Consequences could be dire.Centuries later, the Atwell parish experiences difficulties when the church is slated for renovation.  Politics and finances are only the beginning of what the two eras hold in common.  Copy cat ... More

With Our Blessing

 Released in Canada in advance of the second Inspector Tom Reynolds mystery by Jo Spain, With Our Blessing is a dark and somewhat claustrophobic cozy set in a convent operated by nuns who once ran a Magdalene laundry. Magdalene laundries, a very dark chapter in Irish history, are places run by the Catholic church where unwed mothers and supposedly wayward girls were sent for what was truly hard labor and mistreatment. This backstory is at the heart of With Our ... More

The Dark Lake

 The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey is an excellent read.  Full of mystery and suspense, it is even more impressive that it is Bailey's first novel.  She sets the bar high.Detective Sargent Gemma Woodstock leads a complicated life in a small Australian community   She is a rugged and dedicated law enforcement officer, in addition to being a mother, and lover.  Her near obsession with a murder victim seems to extend beyond normal police work.Everyone loves the young and beautiful teacher, ... More

The Mystery of hte Haunted Opera House

 If you google the Haskell Free Library and Opera House, you will get images of a great building that would be a perfect setting for mystery and ghostly encounters. Raymond C. Perkins Jr. places us right there in the third edition of the B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series, The Mystery of the Haunted Opera House. The investigative team is at it again. B.T. Stevens, his best friend Jimmy Martin, his now girlfriend Patti Wilson, and their friend ... More