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The Atwelle Confession

 The Atwelle Confession is a historical thriller by Joel Gordonson.The church in the small community of  Atwelle, England is struggling financially during the time when Henry VIII is seeking the emancipation from his marriage to Anne Boleyn that spurred his bold break from the Catholic church.   Consequences could be dire.Centuries later, the Atwell parish experiences difficulties when the church is slated for renovation.  Politics and finances are only the beginning of what the two eras hold in common.  Copy cat ... More

With Our Blessing

 Released in Canada in advance of the second Inspector Tom Reynolds mystery by Jo Spain, With Our Blessing is a dark and somewhat claustrophobic cozy set in a convent operated by nuns who once ran a Magdalene laundry. Magdalene laundries, a very dark chapter in Irish history, are places run by the Catholic church where unwed mothers and supposedly wayward girls were sent for what was truly hard labor and mistreatment. This backstory is at the heart of With Our ... More

The Dark Lake

 The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey is an excellent read.  Full of mystery and suspense, it is even more impressive that it is Bailey's first novel.  She sets the bar high.Detective Sargent Gemma Woodstock leads a complicated life in a small Australian community   She is a rugged and dedicated law enforcement officer, in addition to being a mother, and lover.  Her near obsession with a murder victim seems to extend beyond normal police work.Everyone loves the young and beautiful teacher, ... More

The Mystery of hte Haunted Opera House

 If you google the Haskell Free Library and Opera House, you will get images of a great building that would be a perfect setting for mystery and ghostly encounters. Raymond C. Perkins Jr. places us right there in the third edition of the B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series, The Mystery of the Haunted Opera House. The investigative team is at it again. B.T. Stevens, his best friend Jimmy Martin, his now girlfriend Patti Wilson, and their friend ... More

The Smack

 The Smack by Richard Lange is everything you want in fun thriller. The main character is interesting, the situation he finds himself in is original and keeps you on your toes, the plot developments are all warranted and all move the story forward, and the writing is elegant without being showy. Lange is a writer you will want to collect.Rowan Petty is a con artist most adept at phone and internet scams. He finds himself down on his luck in ... More

The Late Show - A Renee Ballard Mystery

 The Late Show is the latest (2017) crime drama by Michael Connelly. There is a new kid in town.  Dog lover, and surfer by day, Detective Renee Ballard is a  tough, tenacious, no-nonsense loner who works the late shift in Hollywood.  Due to unsubstantiated accusations thrown at a superior officer, she is not exactly on the warm and fuzzy list of her fellow officers.  With limited trust running both ways, her investigations are often solo.Ballard finds herself in the middle ... More


 Blame is an exciting new thriller by Jeff Abbott.Seventeen year-old Jane Norton was behind the wheel when her car crashed and claimed the life of David Hall, her dear friend and neighbour. It is believed that she intended to kill them both. Jane struggles with no memory of the event, or the three years preceding it. She cannot remember friends she met in high school, her father's death, or the person she was.Jane receives a taunting ... More

Strange Practice

 Following in her father's footsteps, Dr. Greta Helsing is a London physician who takes care of things that go bump in the night:  vampires, ghouls, mummies, and other supernatural beings.  Her friends, patients, and acquaintances include Sir Frances Varney: vampyre, Ruthven: vampire, August Crasnwell from the British Museum, and the fascinating ageless Fastitocalon, friend of her father.Greta goes to consult at Ruthven's mansion, where Sir Francis appeared after having been viciously attacked, apparently by monks whose desire is to rid ... More

Game Over- A Bob Skinner Mystery

 Game Over, the 2017 Bob Skinner mystery by Quintin Jardine, will please the author's long-time fans. It is however not the thriller to introduce a new reader to Jardine's series. There are too many characters to keep track of and familiarity with who the main characters are helps understand some of the dynamics.Quintin Jardine has an odd sense of humor with character names right out of the Clue board game: DCI Pye and DS “Sauce” Haddock, and secondary characters named ... More

Take Out

 Billed as a stand-alone novel, Take Out marks the final, although not chronological episode of Margaret Maron's mystery series featuring Detective Sigrid Harald.  The 1990's time line takes us between Maron's previous books, Fugitive Colors and Three-Day Town.Here, two homeless men are discovered dead in the park.  Both are bleeding, but no obvious signs of foul play are found.  One is identified as Matty Mutone, the godson of a Mafia mob boss's widow.  The older man is unknown.  They have ... More

The Thirst - A Harry Hole Mystery

 How do you bring a famous detective out of retirement? Jo Nesbo faces that conondrum in the eleventh Harry Hole (pronounced Hoo-leh) mystery The Thirst. Nesbo solves the problem the same way many other writers have solved it: by having the famous detective blackmailed into getting back on the job to solve an especially heinous series of murders and having those murder echo something in his past that adds motivation. Overall, it makes for a satisfying read but not one ... More

The White Road

The White Road by Sarah Lotz is very enjoyable, and highly recommended.Si Newman is a thrill-seeker.  He is not the fit, driven, on-a-mission type, but rather one who jumps in with both feet regardless of the consequences.The White Road begins with Si in a cave; not just any cave, but a veritable cavern of death.  He sneaks into Cwm Pot; a dangerous labyrinth of passageways; some of which are barely negotiable by a snake on an exhale.  His grim objective ... More