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Harvest (Canadian title)

 Having been blown away by Robert Pobi's first thriller Bloodman (aka Eye of the Storm in Canada), I was very much looking forward to his next novel. Harvest aka American Woman in the U.S. aka River of the Dead in the U.K (aka can somebody pick a damn title already?) is a very good read but it did not knock my socks off.Pobi certainly knows how to write a page turner. This time around a NYPD detective named Alex Hemingway ... More


If your body is subject to a traumatic death, you might be one of the rare humans, who with the simple brush of your fingertips, can switch positions and jump into the skin of an unsuspecting target, to be that person; any gender, any age, any time.You are your thoughts and your feelings, but you are not your skin.  The life and the body you chose to inhabit are how you are recognized.  You can live as your host for ... More

The Equalizer

 The Equalizer is a variation on the old western story of a retired gunman reluctantly putting on the sheriff badge to avenge some injustice. Denzel Washington's movie is also a new version of the mid-eighties TV series that ran on CBS. This is a good, smart action flick that keeps the viewer guessing and interested all the way through and does not overstay its welcome. I really liked the fact director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen) does not ... More

The Burning Room

 As a long time fan of Michael Connelly, I was very happy to read his latest Harry Bosch mystery, The Burning Room. On the cusp of retirement, Bosch is LAPD Robbery and Homicide Division's most senior detective.  He is matched with Lucia (Lucy) Soto; a young recently-promoted novice to the force, who has already established herself as a hero.  Unfortunately, her youth and inexperience cause the resentment of some of their colleagues.The Burning Room starts with the gruesome every day ... More

My Name Is A by Anonymous

WTF? I admit I am not a fan of found footage so my opinion of My Name is A by Anonymous is very much colored by that fact. Still, I do not understand this movie. It is presented as based on the actual events surrounding the 2009 murder of a nine year-old girl by a fifteen year-old named Alyssa Bustamante. I poked around the net a bit to figure out what was going on. The murder presented in My Name ... More

Bones Never Lie

Bones Never Lie is the latest murder mystery by forensic anthropologist and producer of TV's Bones, Kathy Reichs.Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan is summoned to a meeting with the Charlotte, NC Homicide Cold Case Unit, to work on the 2007 unsolved murder of a 12 year-old girl, which sends her memory spinning to another similar and disturbing case.  Kindle versionAnique Pomerleau is a name Brennan can't forget.  A prime suspect in the abduction and deaths of several young girls in ... More

Broken Monsters

 A thriller featuring one hell of an original and interesting villain should not after a while put off a reader. This is, unfortunately, what Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes does. Clayton Broom is one hell of an original villain but he becomes a secondary character in a thriller filled with other secondary characters There are so many superfluous scenes you become afraid of moving on to the next chapter and get stalled once again. Kindle at AmazonClayton Broom creates mixed ... More

The Blacklist - The Complete First Season

 The Blacklist is brilliant!  James Spader (Boston Legal) is superb as Raymond “Red” Reddington; a former top-ranking member of the U.S. Navy who has been off the grid since 1990.  For years he has gained access to and brokered deals with extreme cold-blooded criminals, so subversively deadly and notorious that even the FBI is unaware of their existence.Red is wanted, and dangerous.  In the show's pilot, he stuns the agency simply, yet with great fanfare, and turns himself in.A chilling, ... More

In The Red

 Touted as a “darkly erotic novel about a good girl gone bad”, In the Red, by Elena Mauli Shapiro focuses on the destructive path that a young Romanian-born, but American-raised young woman takes when she leaves her adoptive parents to attend college. Irina is literally and figuratively seduced into an oddly comfortable world of anonymity and subservience by Andrei Vadrescu, an older man who meets her at a fountain. He tells her stories of her homeland, and ... More

Watching You

 Watching You by Michael Robotham is an engaging psychological thriller.Marnie Logan is in a bad space.  Added to financial difficulties, caring for a son with health problems, and an independence-seeking teenage daughter has its challenges.  Haunted by gambling debts, her “love at first sight” husband Daniel has vanished, and has been missing for a considerable time.  His whereabouts are a mystery.  Is he dead?  How could he leave her?  Did he just save himself and leave her to clean up ... More

The Farm

Its film rights already sold, The Farm is an intriguing new mystery by Tom Rob Smith.Very interesting and exciting from the get-go, it plunges deeply into the secrets and lies of the family of Daniel and his parents Tilde and Chris, who have blissfully retired to Sweden.  Kindle at Amazon   All illusions are shattered when Daniel receives a call from his uncharacteristically hysterical father who is distraught that Tilde is not only missing, but psychotic.  She is seriously ill and ... More

The Girl With All the Gifts

 The Girl With All the Gifts is a post-apocalyptic novel by M. R. Carey. Not generally being enamoured by this genre, I surprisingly found myself immediately hooked and totally enthralled by Carey's book.  I admit I would not have picked up this self-described thriller, had I known what it was about.  Fortunately, the title, the cover, and the brief, only vaguely informative synopsis intrigued me. Kindle version.The girl is Melanie, an innocent, intelligent and highly inquisitive ten year-old who is ... More