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Cold Comes the Night - Bryan Cranston

Cold Comes the Night is an excellent thriller starring Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston as Topo, a Rooshian gangster who one day stop at  a small town motel. The gangster and his driver are on their way to making a delivery and they stop for a few hours to get some shut-eye. That is when things go very wrong. This is a movie that keeps you guessing and interested to the very last scene once you get over Cranston's fake accent.Chloe ... More

The Stolen Ones

 Exciting from the get-go, The Stolen Ones is a complicated and intriguing mystery by Richard Montanari that you definitely want to keep reading. Kindle version.A gruesome and elaborately staged murder is the first of a series of interconnected killings.  Detectives Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne of Philidelphia's Special Investigations Unit are on the case.Luther, a man who inhabits and adeptly navigates the hidden tunnels beneath the city is a formidable, frightening, and calculating predator, whose disturbed and distorted past and ... More

She s Leaving Home

 Named after a Beatles' song—those of a certain age will remember it when you hear it—She's Leaving Home is the debut police thriller by William Shaw.  It is set in England in 1968, at the time of the Fab Four, when society was caught in the throes of racism, sexism, and irreversible social change.  (We've certainly come a long way, baby!  The book's depiction of past times and mores illustrates that.) Kindle at AmazonA body is found in a burned ... More

Bonnie & Clyde

 Though nothing will ever top the Arthur Penn version with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beattie, this Bonnie & Clyde is fun to watch. Aired in two parts on A&E, this one stars Holliday Granger and Emile Hirsch. Hirsch is competent but it is Granger who really shines as Bonnie. At 174 minutes, there are a couple of repetitive moments but overall this drama moves right along. It is not quite as gory as the movie version but it has its ... More

The Following - The Complete First Season

Do not start watching the fifteen season 1 episodes of The Following unless you know for a fact you have lots of time ahead of you. This very addictive adrenalin pumping thriller is very smart, on the gory / violent side, and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Season One of The Following is available as 4 DVD or 3 Blu-ray or a combo pack that also includes the Ultraviolet version. Kevin Bacon plays former FBI agent ... More

White Fire - A Pendergast novel

 White Fire is the thirteenth book in the Pendergast series by writing team Lincoln & Child. It has everything that has made this reader eagerly await the next book in this series: a great story, solid supporting characters, an element of the macabre (or two), and an original touch (more on that later). It also reintroduces Corrie Swanson who first appeared in Still Life With Crows. Her rebellious, pig headed streak is a welcome counterweight in the series. You do ... More

The Quest

 The Quest is the expanded version of the novel penned by Nelson DeMille in 1975.  The author decided that the original needed “more sex or romance”, although that does not account for much of the additional 200 pages.  Kindle version at AmazonThe Quest refers to the oft repeated tale, the journey that drives a select few beyond human endurance, namely the search for the illusive chalice that touched the lips of Christ.Here the quest begins in 1974 in war-ravaged Ethiopia.  ... More

The Gods of Guilt - Mickey Haller Novel

 The Gods of Guilt is the latest Mickey Haller legal thriller by Michael Connelly.  The Lincoln Lawyer takes a case that propels him  along a journey to face the demons of his past and  present.  Kindle version  at AmazonHired to defend accused murderer Andre La Cosse, Haller discovers the odd phenomenon that it was La Cosse's alleged victim, one Giselle Dallinger, who sang Mickey's praises and referred La Cosse to him.  Mickey discerns that the dead woman was a prostitute ... More

The Double - A Spero Lucas novel

 Although some have compared George Pelecanos' Spero Lucas to John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee, I really fail to see any but the most superficial connection between the two. This said, The Double, the second Spero Lucas mystery novel (there is a link to our review of the first one at the bottom of this page) is a very good read and Pelecanos certainly makes you want to read more about this character. Kindle at AmazonSpero Lucas is an Iraq war ... More

JFK: The Smoking Gun - Discovery Canada Nov. 3rd 8:00

Who killed JFK is probably the great unanswered question of the 20th century. A new documentary will air Sunday November 3rd at 8 on Discovery Canada and it gives a very different answer to that question. Even Oliver Stone will have to admit JFK: The Smoking Gun makes a very good case as to a second shooter and his identity. The answer is shocking and shockingly banal. The cover-up, and there is one here, is not particularly surprising considering the ... More

Person of Interest Season 2 Blu-ray + DVD + Ultraviolet

 Fans of the CBS  Person of Interest are no doubt looking forward to the third season of the show which premiers on September 24. To help fans out with getting ready for the season a new boxed set of Person of Interest Season 2 has been released. Person of Interest The Complete Second Season is available in a Blu-ray + DVD and Ultraviolet set with 22 episodes on 4 Blu-rays and 6 DVD or in a DVD only set by ... More

Betrayal - CITY - Premieres Sept 29th 10 p.m.

Betrayal is a Fall 2013 drama that will air on CITY Sundays at 10 p.m. Starting September 29th. This is a 13 episode series that should interest fans of mysteries and romantic dramas.The show focuses on photographer Sara Hadley. She gets shot in the opening sequence of the show and the rest  is the story of what lead to that shooting. Sarah is a married mother of two who is having a gallery show. There she meets Jack McKutchen, a ... More