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Even Dogs in the Wild - A Rebus Mystery

 It is hard to believe but Even Dogs in the Wild, the twenty-first Rebus mystery is my first crack at Ian Rankin. Here, Rebus is retired but a case involving an old nemesis named Big Ger Cafferty has Siobhan Clarke calling him in for some assistance. Once a cop, always a cop so soon Rebus is neck deep into investigating a series of seemingly unrelated killings.You do not need to be familiar in any way with Rankin's Rebus series to ... More

Crimson Shore - A Pendergast Novel

 The Cask of Amontillado meets The Hound of the Baskervilles and horror meets thriller in Crimson Shore in the fifteenth mystery featuring the very odd and enigmatic Aloysius Pendergast. Fans of the series are going to willingly go along for the ride though those new to it would be better off starting with one of the earliest Preston & Child novels like Reliquary or The Cabinet of Curiosities.Pendergast and protegee Constance Greene go to Massachusetts witch country to investigate a ... More

The Crossing - A Harry Bosch Novel

 You can rely on Michael Connelly for an excellent mystery. The Crossing, the twenty-second Harry Bosch novel is no exception. It represents, however, a major change in the life of Connelly's foremost character. The Crossing refers to Bosch now working as a private investigator therefore having in the parlance of the police crossed to the dark side.The Crossing opens with Bosch having been forcibly retired from the LAPD. His half brother, Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller, is representing him is a ... More

Day Four

 Between God, the devil and the deep blue sea, if you want something akin to the Titanic meets The Twilight Zone, creepy Day Four is for you.The story takes place during a post-Christmas cruise aboard The Beautiful Dreamer, which is populated by a large group of hopeful singles, elderly widows hell bent on suicide, a psychic medium and her devotees, and the gamut of dedicated to disgruntled crew members.  Everyone, it seems, has a deep, dark secret.It's day four, and ... More

The Killing Kind

 The Killing Kind is one hell of a good read. It is a quick-paced story of a hitman with who kills other hitmen but then becomes the target of another hitter. Chris Holm wastes no time setting up the story and then propels it forward with no extraneous filler. If you are looking for an entertaining and original thriller, this is it.Michael Hendricks is a black ops Afghan war vet presumed to have been KIA. In fact, he is making ... More

Mystery Show - Gimlet Media Podcast

 Starlee Kine. It’s an unusual name. When you first hear her speak it you can almost imagine that she herself is made up of an impossible white light pushing back against the dark abyss. Then you hear her weave her story in a digressive, conversational style that belies the complexity of the form as much as it makes for simple and easy listening. She has the kind of voice that you can fall in love with. The kind of voice ... More

Safe As Houses

 The information on the back of Safe As Houses by Susan Glickman suggests this is a mystery: “Liz … enters a world of violence and cruelty....”  It is not and she does not, unless you count a store window broken by pranksters on Halloween.. The body of real estate agent Andrew Scott is found in chapter one. The only and very ham-handed clue  is 136 pages later and the two amateur detectives talk to the killer two chapters later.Safe As ... More

The Lost Daughter

 Originally published in 2014, The Lost Daughter by Lucretia Grindle is the second in a trilogy of historical fiction set within the framework of factual political events of 20th century Italy.  It's historical backdrop and events are real, and one of the main characters is based on an actual person.  Here, the focal event is the kidnapping of the Christian Democratic Prime Minister Aldo Moro, by the Brigate Rosse (Red Brigades), a clandestine and violent organization of revolutionaries--not unlike some terrorist cells of today--who take ... More

Gourmet Detective: Death Al Dente

 Death Al Dente is the kind of TV mystery you can follow even when you are brain dead. This Hallmark  adaptation of the Peter King Gourmet Detective series takes the viewer by the hand through every possible suspect and is big on expository dialogue to make sure you can spot the big neon clue signs. All that does not mean it is not a fun little thriller.Dylan Neal is Henry, the Gourmet Detective, and Brooke Burns is Maggie, the San ... More

Her: A Novel

 Her, is a very interesting mystery novel by Harriet Lane.  It centres around two women and their unique perspectives and perceptions of the events that connect their lives.Emma is the traditional stay at home wife of Ben, and the loving but often frazzled and exhausted mother of two young children: Christopher, and their new baby Cecily.  Emma is the innocent, and completely in the dark.Nina, likewise married, is the mother of a disengaging teenager.  An artist, she is by far ... More

Last Words

 Last Words by Michael Koryta is an interesting thriller. Markus Novak, an investigator working for a firm that defends wrongly jailed criminals, is asked to find out who killed a young girl some twenty years ago. The man who asks Novak to investigate the crime is not sure if he is as guilty of the crime as everybody says he is.The whole story revolves around Trapdoor cavern. Sarah Martin worked there as a guide twenty years ago and disappeared.  Expert ... More

Radiant Angel - a John Corey novel

 Radiant Angel reads like a Roger Moore era James Bond. Hero John Corey must somehow thwart the nefarious plan of a madman. There are lots of chases, shootings, and heroics. This action thriller is a perfect beach read.This is the ninth John Corey novel. Familiarity with the previous novel, The Panther, would help in understanding some of the references Corey makes here and there and understanding one of the important behind-the-scenes characters. If this is your first Corey, such knowledge ... More