The Trojan Horse
Paul Gross, Tom Skerritt, Greta Scacchi
Guy Nadon, Martha Burns, Saul Rubinek
Directed by Charles Biname
CBC Television
March 30th and April 6th 2008
8:00 P.M

The Trojan Horse has more Machiavellian twists and turns than a Kennedy conspiracy theory.

This CBC 4-hour miniseries is a captivating political thriller speculative fiction about political machinations after Canada becomes part of the United States in 2007.

Written by and starring Paul Gross as a former Prime-Minister and future American presidential candidate, the series features a solid stable of actors.

Tom Skerritt plays the incumbent American President. Clarke Johnson a CIA agent.

Greta Scacchi is a British journalist who gets wind something fishy went on during the 07 referendum and something fishy is going on now. She tries to warn the right people about it. The question is who are the right people?

Being a 2 part 2 hours each series, you would think the show moves slowly but it does not. The entire 07 referendum and its immediate aftermath are dealt with in less than 7 minutes.

Other events also happen quickly, keeping the viewer interested all the way.

The story has international repercussions including an electronic vote-rigging program, a kidnapping in Saudi Arabia and assassinations linked to the international thirst for oil, European Union Intelligence, a newspaper magnate backing a very potential presidential candidate, and a CIA agent who gets the feeling he was used.

Though this series has its odd touches of subtle Canadian humor such as naming the American President Stanfield and a quick wink at Larry the Cable Guy, The Trojan Horse is a top class speculative political thriller.

It's only real flaw is some of the post-production voice-over work in some scenes involving Colleen Howell is a bit weak and quite obvious.

In the devil is in the details department: the official polling station signs at the beginning of this thriller should be bilingual. They are not.

The Trojan Horse airs March 30th and April 6th 2008 at 8:00 on the CBC. It should also be available on DVD pretty soon but I am just guessing.