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The Shield The Complete Series Collection
Michael Chicklis, Catherine Dent, CCH Pounder
Originaly aired FX 2002-2008
28 DVD 88 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

As box sets go, be it for crime TV or anything else, The Shield The Complete Series Collection is absolutely great presentation wise. This 7 season, 88 episodes, 28 DVD set with a bonus disclooks like an overgrown cop notebook or a somewhat smaller mug book. Each thick page has pictures from the series, and an episode list, credits, and quick summary. The DVD are quite secure in The Shield The Complete Series, perhaps a bit too much as extricating them from between the pages forces you to touch the glossy surface of the disc. Then again, the discs will not go flying around the room all the time.

The Shield aired is grittier and more violent that your usual TV cop show and features some nudity. Older cop TV shows will see this Michael Chicklis show as Hill Street Blues gone cable with the some of the squad gone bad. Chicklis plays Detective Vic Mackey, head of the Strike Force. Mackey is a one-man army with rules of his very own, many of which break the law.

Half of the show focuses on Mackey and his crew the other half on stories involving the rest of the Barn, a Farmington LA district cop shop. These other stories are as interesting as the main. The Shield was a continuing story, something risky on TV but safe on a DVD set.

Over the 7 seasons and 88 shows of this series notable actors like Glenn Close and Forrest Whitaker joined the series for a series in a leadership role of some kind. The great CCH Pounder (Detective Claudette Wynns) was a permanent fixture as cop who observed a lot of what went on.

Considering this show’s quality, it is sort of surprising that The Shield only won one Emmy Award. Granted it was up against 24, The West Wing but it was also up against Lost and Deadwood.

The Shield The Complete Series also features 63 hours of extra features though some of these hours are your usual inane commentary track. The DVD box set also features an extra disc with 2 exclusive featurettes

This Complete Series does not fit nicely in a bookshelf but it is really well put together and something fans of this series will cherish.