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Runaway ? The Complete Series
Donnie Wahlberg, Leslie Hope, Sarah Ramos
Originally aired CW 2006
9 Episodes 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

Runaway gets your attention right from the beginning of the pilot for this 2006 TV series and does not often let go. This show originally aired on the CW in 2006 and was given the bum’s rush after three shows. The Runaway DVD features The Complete Series aka 9 episodes on 2 discs. For those wondering if this drama and thriller has closure, it does and it does not.

Runaway is an intelligent variation on guy on the lam for a crime he did not commit being chased by baddies and the cops. This time, the guy (Mark Wahlberg) is a lawyer who got involved in a complicated case involving lots of money. The crime he did not commit is the murder of his mistress. The variation is his wife and three kids are with him. Of course the guy, Paul Rader, wants to clear his name by finding out the identity of the real killer and what happened in his corporate law case.

Those who like TV pilots that play like the Beverly Hillbillies tune will be a bit confused by the opening episode of Runaway as the basic storyline is told in flashbacks and conversations between characters. It is, however, clearly told. The same can be said for the rest of the episodes and other story lines with the added bonus the shows creators know how to add a bit of dramatic will-they-be-discovered tension from time to time that doesn’t feel artificial.

Side stories include the family’s two teenage kids, a boy and a girl, as they adapt to a new school, new friends, and a new identity. This is basically to create romantic and personal life problems for the teen demographic but no matter how stereotypical it does not harm this drama.

The solving the mystery and clearing his name plot line does have a howler involving a USB  key, otherwise, it is believable.

Those who originally saw Runaway on TV might want to get the DVD set to see the rest but the expense might be more than the amount of closure the series has.