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Mickey Spillane?s Mike Hammer

Double Feature

Stacy Keach, Tanya Roberts, Delta Burke

Made For TV 1983

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006

96 minutes

Murder Me, Murder You was one of the movies of the week that served as pilot episodes for the Mike Hammer television series (1984-87) Stacy Keach is great as Mickey Spillane’s ultimate tough guy New York detective and most the cast or regulars is here already although Tanya Roberts plays Hammer’s secretary, Velda, instead of Lindsay Bloom. This movie is part of the Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Double Feature.

Murder Me, Murder You is a great made for TV mystery DVD and part of the double feature 2-DVD set that also includes another made for TV movie, More Than Murder. Here, two couriers are attacked and killed and their boss, a woman Mike Hammer almost married nineteen years ago, dies on the witness stand while under the protection of D.A. Barrington (played with just the right amount of preppy arriviste style by Kent Williams). Everybody believes helicopter manufacturer Vance is behind the whole thing.

To add to the case in Murder Me, Murder You it seems Hammer had a daughter some nineteen years ago and she may or may not be dead. If Mike Hammer can solve the mystery of what happened to the couriers and the briefcase they were carrying, he can solve the mystery of what happened to his daughter.

Like in any Mike Hammer mystery movie or television episode, there comes a moment where Hammer and police captain Pat Chambers (Don Stroud) share a belt and commiserate over the way things were. There are also numerous occasions for Hammer to use his fists and lots of gun play.

Story wise, Murder Me, Murder You is solid and will keep you guessing right until the end about many of the elements of the case.

For those of you wondering, the Mike Hammer theme was Harlem Nocturne by Earle Hagen. This is one of the greatest jazz tunes ever.