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Fringe ? The Complete Second Season Blu-ray
John Noble, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson
22 Episodes 6 DVD
Originally aired FOX 2009-10
Warner Home Video 2010

Fringe is an original TV series where two FBI agents investigate strange strange goings-on that may or may not be related to the scientific work the father of one of the two agents did for the government years back. Fringe mixes mad science, the supranatural, and detecting. Fringe The Complete Second Season features 22 episodes on 6 DVD.

Eason 2 of Fringe is not quite as good as the first season. Mostly because the show goes for an alternate universe story arc that really puts a strain on the willing suspension of disbelief you need for the show to work.

The paranormal element of this sort of mystery TV show was what made it work but here Fringe edges too close to the X-Files style of storyline. Although it does make sense in toe overall storyline connecting so much to experiments Walter did in the past for for the government becomes a bit facile.

Brown Betty (DVD 5 of Fringe The Complete Second Season) is a good example of what works and what does not quite gel. Walter, the strange scientist, tells a young girl a film noir type story and the episode takes on the appearances of a noir but Olivia uses a cell phone. There are other elements in that episode that do not quite work. At the same time Brown Betty is an interesting episode as you know the heart the scientist hires to detective to find is symbolic of his missing son and so on.

The Complete Second Season of Fringe works best when Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) investigate a weird event and mad scientist Walter (the excellent John Nobel) tags along with all his weirdness and idiosyncrasies.

Special features for Fringe The Complete Season DVD or Blu-ray are The Mythology of Fringe: Analyzing the scene sidebars on six key episodes; In the lab with John Noble and prop master Rob Smith; Commentary on four episodes; Gag reel; and Dissected Files aka Unaired scenes