Season 4
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin
24 Episodes 4 Blu-ray discs
Warner Home Video 2011

Chuck is a series that grows on you. How else can you explain the constant cancelled / renewed status of this spy comedy TV show? This is an original, quirky, fun show with a good mix of action and humor. Chuck The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray has the usual special features, the more unusual Chuckipidea Interactive Experience, and six shorts featuring Lester and Patel.

Chuck (Zachary Levi) is a geek whose brain got uploaded with all of the nation’s spy information. Agents Sarah Walker and John Casey were assigned to protect Chuck and bring him on missions to use his database. As the series evolved Chuck and Sarah became closer.

The central story line in The Complete Fourth Season is Chuck finally has a bead on where his mother is and he goes looking for her. This involves a Russian arms dealer named Volkoff (Timothy Dalton, James Bond). Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame plays Chuck’s mother. Both Hamilton and Dalton have recurring appearances.

There are a few changes at the Buy More electronics store used as Chuck’s cover. The usual supporting cast is back.

Episodes run into each other plot wise. Chuck The Complete Season Four has stories about Chuck’s mother, the guy she was with for a while, Volkoff’s daughter, and some personal history for some characters. This means you can’t really miss or skip a show.

Look for Robert Eglund in the Halloween episode which seems to have 3D moments, Steve Austin, Nichole Richie, Morgan Fairchild, Summer Glau of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles as one of the Gretas, the great John Laroquette, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Robin Givens.

Other special features for Chuck The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray are: Chuck Versus Directing: Zachary Levi Takes Charge on Chuck Versus the Leftovers and Spying on the Chuck Cast – Operation Gomez: Joshua Gomez Shows Off His New found Spy Skills