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Bones Season 4
Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin
25 episodes 6 DVD or 5 Blu-ray
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

Crime or mystery TV does not come any quirkier than Bones. Season 4 features 25 episodes on 5 Blu-ray. Aside from a couple of episodes that refer to past season characters and events, you do not need to be familiar with Bones to enjoy Season 4. This is a really good and fun to watch show. You might want to pass if you have a weak stomach though as it, like a lot of crime TV shows, likes to indulge in icky stuff.

Emily Deschanel stars as Temperance Bones Brennan. Though based on the Kathy Reichs character, the TV Brennan is much more interesting and much, much more competent. She is also very awkward socially and this adds to the fun of the character. Brennan is an investigative coroner and usually aided by FBI agent Booth (David Boreanaz). They have a bit of chemistry going and this too adds to the interest of the show.

An ongoing gag in the show is secondary characters are named after rock musicians. Bones also makes an effort to put the bodies in the most original place possible including a crushed car or a convection oven.

Brennan’s lab team is also composed of somewhat dysfunctional geniuses, making for very interesting and fun characters. Season 4 introduces a new squint aka junior lab assistant and each is weirder than the next.  The show also has a somewhat dark sense of humor at times, something I quite enjoy.

There are many, many excellent episodes in this 25 episode 5 Blu-ray disc set. The hockey episode where hockey star Luc Robitaille makes a guest appearance is not one of them unfortunately. A personal fave is the murder on the plane show (disc 2).

Another good show is the episode where Brennan and Booth join the circus. The last episode of season 4 pretty much sucks. The previous episode, featuring Stewie from Family Guy, really makes up for it.

Bones Body Bag Edition aka Season 4 DVD or Blu-ray have the same special features: a short bit on the squints, deleted scenes, and a short bit on the androgynous squint.