Saving Faith is a rather weak and formulaic thriller by David Baldacci. Baldacci is best known for the excellent Camel Club series, a personal favorite. Other excellent thrillers include the King & Maxwell series and the John Puller Thrillers. Saving Faith is a standalone mystery and it also deserves to stand aside.

Saving Faith has a rather formulaic plot. A shadow secret service agency is out to kill Faith Lockhart who knows enough to put the agency in danger. An attempt on her life goes badly and she is rescued by a private detective hired by her Lockhart’s boss to keep an eye on her. Lee Adams, the private eye and Faith Lockhart are on the run and can trust no one.

The subplot as to why Faith Lockhart is a target is a bit hard to swallow though plausible in a rose-tinted kind of world. Secondary characters such as Danny Buchanan, Lochkart’s boss, FBI agent Brooklyn Reynolds, and evil mastermind Thornhill are very cut and paste.

A David Baldacci fan will read Saving Grace just because of the fan element. Others will not find this mystery memorable or special at all.

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