The Camel Club
David Baldacci
Warner Books
593 pages Paperback

The Camel Club is the first in a series by David Baldacci featuring the mysterious Oliver Stone. Mystery novel lovers who are looking for a new jones would do well to start here. Going backwards in a mystery series is always a little weird. Though is the first novel in the series, I ended up reading it third after the two other Camel Club mysteries by David Baldacci: The Collectors and Stone Cold, so some later events colored my reading of the first Baldacci Camel Club mystery.

The Camel Club begins pretty much like The Collectors and Stone Cold with a look at the bad guy setting up his crime. It takes a while to figure out why what happened in this first chapter is important but it is well worth the wait. The thriller by David Baldacci is centered on one hell of a conspiracy aimed directly at the White House. Watching the pieces click into play as Baldacci the combination of this great thriller, you cannot but be amazed and enthralled.

There is something for every kind of mystery novel or thriller fan in The Camel Club. The club itself, a group of four men who do not quite fit into society headed by a mysterious man who calls himself Oliver Stone and lives in a tent in front of the White House, will interest fans of novels about gangs of friends banding together to defeat the bad guy. Conspiracy theorists will love the plot Baldacci came up with. Fans of the political and espionage thriller will also be satisfied with this book as a lot of the conspiracy involves world politics and current events.

To think all this starts when the Camel Club sees two National Intelligence Center agents kill a man and plant clues to a suicide. The fact the dead man also worked for the NIC opens a Pandora's box of possibilities that go right to the top of the spy and intel food chain.

The Camel Club by David Baldacci: if it is not too late, start here.