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The Watchman
Robert Crais

The Watchman by Robert Crais brings to the fore one of the greatest sidekicks to grace the printed page. Next to Robert B. Parker’s Hawk, Crais’ Pike is as close as any author of detective fiction has come to creating the perfect sidekick. The Watchman delivers to the fan of Robert Crais exactly the Joe Pike they would expect to see in a novel of his own. Kindle edition

Joe Pike is as tough as they come and in terms that are quintessentially Crais Pike is Superman only greater because Superman risks nothing in his adventures Pike is human and so risks everything. To understand Joe Pike you have to take what you see as what you get. Pike’s character is about action, he is defined not by what he says but by what he does. He does not apologize for taking his responsibilities seriously and he gets results. There isn’t much more anyone can ask for from someone who is trying to make sure they don’t get killed.

The Watchman starts with Pike receiving a phone call calling in a marker to take a job no questions asked one day. As it turns out the job is to protect a girl who was involved in a hit and run accident where she did the hitting and the hitee did the running. As it turns out the passenger in the car that disappeared after the accident is wanted for questioning. What follows is a brisk paced novel that teeters between a whodunit and a spy thriller. There isn’t a hollow sounding moment in this plot driven page turner. The exclamation point on the whole book for this reviewer was when I lost my copy of the book when I was only half way through it. The next day I went to the book store to buy another copy so I could finish it off – it was that good. Definitely worth the read whether you are a Crais fan or not.