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James Patterson, Neil McMahon
Little, Brown and Company 2011
400 pages

This reader is unfamiliar with Neil McMahon, however, if you have never read James Patterson s sci fi books, you will find Toys quite a departure from Patterson s Alex Cross mystery novels.

Toys is a well-written, exciting sci-fi action drama, with Patterson familiar, smart signature style.  However, Toys' futuristic theme and content may or may not appeal to fans who enjoy the contemporary mystery genre.

Toys takes place fifty years hence. The world is not the one we know. Humans are lesser beings living in squalor, desolation, and disease; on the brink of annihilation by the ruling class of hybrid Elites, who are exceptionally strong, beautiful, and intelligent; in essence, perfect. Elite Hays Baker has an enviable life: a prominent position, an equally stunning, successful wife, two beautiful children, and all the upper echelon perks, amenities and toys that anyone could desire.

All that is suddenly shattered when a dark secret is revealed and Hays Baker finds himself a hunted man in a life and death struggle and in alliance with the humans he once loathed.
Sometimes violent, bizarre, gruesome and disturbing, Toys is filled with fast, furious action, action, action. It grabs like a bear trap that will not let you go. It is frighteningly imaginative and completely unpredictable. It reads like a futuristic Ian Fleming novel.  (Take note of the bathtub scene and insert your favourite James Bond.) 

Toys would make a great action/adventure movie.

With its quirks and twists, Toys makes for a fast and interesting page-turner. If you enjoy sci-fi, and a no nonsense direct style, you will enjoy this James Patterson / Neil McMahon book