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I, Alex Cross
James Patterson
Little, Brown and Company 2009
400 pages

Veteran detective and devoted family man Alex Cross is back in James Patterson’s latest mystery novel I, Alex Cross.. This time not only is his personal life turned upside down, threatened by impending tragedy, but a member of his own family is the victim of a homicide most likely perpetrated by a perverse clandestine serial killer who operates under the pseudonym of a Greek god. Unlike other serial killers, should the murderer be captured and his identity and that of his cohorts revealed, the ramifiations would be extensive and shattering. I, Alex Cross by James Patterson does not disappoint.

An effective strategy by seasoned mystery novel writer James Patterson is I, Alex Cross hits the ground running. It begins with a terrified young woman clad only in a black teddy stumbling through dark and imposing woods.

Readers are immediately thrown into high alert and pulled into the action, We want and need to know what’s happening as Patterson keeps us motivated, interested, and soaking in the details from the moment he sets the stage until the curtain is dropped.

In I, Alex Cross gruesome and disturbing scenes simultaneously repel and carry the lure of a roadside collision and some murders are undertaken with a chillingly casual air.

Complex and ripe with intrigue, scandal, and an extensive cover-up, the mystery deepens and expands to unthinkable proportions. It is anything but cut and dried.

At times the web feels a bit too tangled in this mystery but I, Alex Cross culminates in a startling and dramatic conclusion.