Getting Lucky
DC Brod
Gallery Books
338 pages

DC Brod’s Getting Lucky is an enjoyable mystery. It is set just shy of Chicago in Fowler Illinois, which is falling on hard times. There, Robyn Guthrie is a dedicated freelance contributor to the Fowler News and Record. Getting Lucky is the second mystery after Getting Sassy.

Following the shocking news that one of her colleagues has been killed in a hit and run  Robyn is awarded the colleague’s last assignment; the story of Fowler’s new and exciting state of the art environmentally friendly housing project that has the potential to revitalize the community.

Robyn also wishes to pay homage to Clair, by looking into her untimely death and writing her story.  Her investigation uncovers a surprising bag of lies, underhanded deception, and serious criminal activity with danger at times just a hair’s breadth away.

Easily read and just complicated enough, Getting Lucky by DC Brod contains interesting twists, characters, and relationships, including those involving Robyn and her boyfriend Mick, who is much more than he seems, a mysterious stalker with an agenda, a nasty female nemesis from Robyn’s past, and her single-minded often difficult, but entertaining mother who makes an ideal accomplice when the chips are down.

Getting Lucky is a clever, nicely staged, sometimes humourous, and enjoyable to read.  This DC Brod mystery draws you in and makes you root for the heroes.