Denise Mina
Mulholland Books 2019
384 pages

Conviction is the new thriller by Denise Mina. Conviction on Kindle

Although Anna McDonald teaches her children to always tell the truth, her life is filled with an abundance of lies. She hides behind them successfully until they are blown out of the water by her investigation of a yacht that experienced the same fate.

While engaging in a favourite activity of listening to true crime podcasts, the feisty married mother of two is shocked that the latest one dredges up sinister connections and memories of the life that she has so careful concealed.

A former friend, Leon Parker and his children are killed when his private yacht explodes near Saint-Martin. The investigation veers off into the wrong direction. An impossible suspect is charged, and the case is closed.

The podcast raises the possibility that the mysterious incident was the result of a murder-suicide. Anna knew Leon. She disagrees.

Amidst her own life-altering crisis, with the help of an unlikely companion, she is compelled to not only escape, but to find out why the cursed Dana hit the ocean floor. Anna

Denise Mina‘s Conviction is a layered and interesting adventure, complete with drama, suspense, an anorexic rock star, and cold, powerful rich people who can alter facts and arrange for witnesses to be silenced. It becomes more and more complex as we go along.

Although I found the deception at the end a bit implausible, Conviction was still an entertaining read.

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