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Whiteout Blu-ray
Kate Beckinsale, Tom Skerrit, Columbus Short
Directed by Dominic Sena
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
101 minutes

Whiteout is a suspense without much suspense until the last third of the movie. On Blu-ray Whiteout looks especially good but that does not make up for that. This is a competent movie with competent actors and a decent story that has a few moments.  In the end Whiteout leaves the viewer cold. There are a couple of scenes you probably should not watch on a full stomach.

Kate Beckinsale is U.S. Marshall Carrie Steko. She has been serving on an arctic research base and her two year stint is almost up when she finds a body. Then there are more bodies, someone tries to kill Stetko, someone and a pilot (Short) join Stetko in her search for what happened. It may or may not be connected to a Russian cargo plane that crashed in the area 50 years ago. For some reason, Stetko has flashbacks to an incident in Florida 2 years before.

As the title of this thriller suggests there is a whiteout involved at the most convenient time suspense wise.

Mystery wise a few things make no sense. Stetko and the pilot have the power of divination. Two minutes after finding the plane they piece together what happened. I mean, really! Especially since the pilot doesn’t seem to have any police training. It is almost as if they watched the opening sequence of this thriller Blu-ray.

The showdown is thrilling enough but since everybody is wearing a parka it is hard to tell who is who and this takes some of the tension away.

Special features on Whiteout Blu-ray are deleted scenes, From Page to Screen, and a feature on filming the movie in cold weather. Whiteout DVD features additional scenes.