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The Warrior Class
Anson Mount, Erica Leersen, Robert Vaughn
Jamey Sheridan, Jake Weber
Written and directed by Alan Hruska
Originally released 2004
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2007
110 minutes

The Warrior Class is a decent saving the mob boss' wife and legal thriller starring a cast of TV show supporting actors and Robert Vaughn. It may be a bit too convoluted for its own good so you have to pay very close attention if you want to enjoy this DVD but if you do and can it is pretty good. The Warrior Class may not go down in history as a classic in the genre but for those who like courtroom dramas it certainly fits the bill.

Anson Mount plays young up and coming lawyer Alec Brno who finds himself involved in a case involving the mob and has a thing for the mob boss' junkie, battered, and self-destructive ex-wife, played by Erica Leersen, who holds the keys to him winning the case. The case itself somehow involves the feds, the mob, and a general of some kind and has to do with phantom barrels of oil.

This legal thriller is pretty good but features a few scenes that do not really make sense like when Alec walks into his bathroom and there is water coming from the ceiling. Playing three-card monte in an already complicated movie takes away from the real story and some viewer involvement. Annie's drug problems and the senior partner's drinking problem -which takes Jamey Sheridan of Law and Order out of the picture– also muddle the waters.

The Warrior Class is certainly good at titillating but in a rather repetitive way. Annie Sullivan) Erica Leersen shows up at Alec's place and falls asleep, she then shows up, removes her t-shirt and falls asleep, and then shows up, removes her top and falls asleep. It is not quite clear why Alec has the hots for Sullivan except she is a cute and bubbly redhead and he has some kind of alluded to street past.

This is a good legal thriller DVD that could have used a bit cutting. The legal story gets lost in the relationship between Alec and Annie while the feds involvement muddles Alec's case. Still, The Warrior Class is a pretty good thriller with a very good ending.