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The Broken
Lena Headey, Richard Jenkins, Melvil Poupaud
Directed by Sean Ellis
Sonu Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
93 minutes

The Broken is broken. When a movie is weird for weird’s sake you know the viewer is in trouble. The Broken is such a DVD. Strange looking scenes, bizarre moments, fancy schmancy camera angles just because, and lots of creepy sounding violin heavy crescendos replace any semblance of story, never mind plot, in this great looking but no substance in the first half of this thriller. The only really good thing you can say about The Broken its palette of icy blues and greys makes for a pretty movie.

Considering The Broken’s central plot point –from what I could figure out—has to do with a broken mirror, it would be tempting to say this mystery is all smoke and mirrors. This British / French collaboration is about an American radiologist living in England named Gina (Lena Headey) who has a boyfriend of sorts and a family in London. A mirror falls off the wall for no reason during her father’s birthday party. Lena, and a couple of other people start seeing her double. The double seems to be exist a couple of minutes or behind the real Gina … or something like that.

Gina’s shrink and another doctor think she has Capgras syndrome, not that they explain it in any way. Then people around Gina also seem to be going through some weird episodes where they see someone’s doppelganger. The Broken then turns into a bit of a horror movie as members of Gina’s family get knocked off.

The second half of this thriller is better than the first but half a decent thriller is not really a movie at all. Considering the ending is no ending, you could even say a third of a movie is not really a thriller.