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Ray Liotta, Jason Statham, Vincent Pastore
Directed by Guy Ritchie
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
101 minutes

Revolver is either the greatest psychological crime movie ever made or a weird and somewhat decent gangster flick. You will either love it for its stylistics and original story construct or you will hate this DVD for its pretentious stylistics and inexplicable plot twists. Guy Ritchie really is playing mind games here.

Love it or blah it, one thing you have to give Revolver is it has a solid cast. Ray Liotta plays casino mogul Macha. Ritchie regular Jason Statham is Jake Green, a recently released con who wants Macha to pay for what it is he did. Soprano's Vincent Pastore and Andre Benjamin are the two guys who save Jake's life, convince him to abandon his plans and become a simple bagman and finance their loan sharking business. If this all makes sense to you so far, you are the only one as even Jake wonders what the hell is happening. Eventually though, and fortunately, not too far along in the movie, this all starts to make sense and get interesting and then it gets really freaking weird.

This is an uneven movie. The plot and story development are quite original but Ritchie indulges in scenic cutesies just for the hell of it: you see Liotta in a living room sized tanning booth so all lit in pale blue followed by the Chinese gangster's hangout all red lit. This is followed by a major scene told in anime. There is also, perhaps, a nod to Tarantino with names like Mr. Green and Mr. Gold. If so, there are also nods to other famous crime movies but you got me there.

All this and more give this Revolver a feeling of style over substance. When you get tot the end, and you will, you will have to decide if the substance was worth all the ego on the screen.