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Mr. Brooks
Kevin Costner, Demi Moore
William Hurt, Dana Gould
Directed by Bruce Evans
MGM 2007
121 minutes

A movie with Demi Moore, Kevin Costner, and Dana Gould should logically be a pass but Mr. Brooks is a good, original thriller in spite of its cast. Costner and Moore have annoying public personalities and a long list of turkeys that often make watching them on the big screen a chore. Add comic Dana Gould in one of those let’s prove I too can be a serious actor roles and you should have a disaster trifecta. Should but do not.

This is an original and pretty well-made mystery. Mr. Brooks (Costner) is a successful Portland businessman by day and a serial killer by night. In the killings and his life in general he is always counseled, helped, supported, and prodded by his imaginary friend Marshall, played by William Hurt.

When he murders a couple, Brooks gets caught by a voyeur and photographer, Dana Gould, who blackmails him to go on his next kill.

Moore plays the cop who is after the “Thumbprint Killer” aka Brooks.

This thriller is a bit too complex for its own good with the complex secondary stories about another escaped serial killer out to get the cop and stuff to do with Brooks’ college-aged daughter yet it keeps all these balls in the air, creating surprising developments that a viewer willingly buys.

Moore’s performance is quite generic but then again she is playing a quite generic single and troubled but though and determined woman cop.

There are a couple of scenes in this DVD that you just know were created to make Moore do some action stuff and no other reason but here it’s acceptable.

Mr. Brooks is somewhat spoiled by a rather cheesy ending but the first 117 minutes are very interesting.