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Danny Trejo
Twentieth Century Fox 2011
105 minutes

In the tradition of the B movie bloodbath Robert Rodriguez/’s Machete is an entertaining hoot of a movie that starts fast and continues that way. There is more well timed splatter and a few unexpected twists. Journeyman actor Danny Trejo (Predators, Breaking Bad) plays Machete Cortez a Mexican Federale who has as his goal in life to take down the local drug lord Torrez played with passionless cool by Steven Segal. Unfortunately for Machete, Torrez is a few steps ahead which doesn/’t play well for his family.

Everything you could want in an over the top morality play about the evils of restrictive immigration policy, American/’s who believe American/’s should be able to speak English, enter the country legally and not bring drugs in with them it is all here. Rodriguez is as subtle as a sledgehammer hitting you between the eyes to wake you up after a night of tequila debauchery. In this world all illegal immgrants are good hard working souls who just came to American for a a better life. All white Americans hire illegal aliens, take drugs or import drugs and are racist gun toting fanatics who will murder any Mexican for fun or profit.

The storyline is completely over the top, the action is completely over the top, the dialogue and action will occasionally have you laughing out loud and from start to finish Machete is a blast to watch. In the world of B movies this is a stellar achievement and deserves a spot on the shelf of movie fans everywhere.