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Hot Tamale
Randy Spelling, Jason Priestley, Mike Starr
Written and directed by Michael Damian
VVS Films 2006
98 minutes

Hot Tamale is a really fun independent comedy mystery starring Randy Spelling as your prototypical fish out of water and Wyoming born and raised white bread salsa drummer who crosses paths with a jewel thief named Jude(a cameo by Jason Priestley), drugs, some bad guys and the cops (including a cameo by Harland Williams). Hot Tamale is quirky, funny, hot, a hell of a lot of fun to watch, and far superior to the dregs big Hollywood studios are releasing these days. You can see the trailer here.

Harlan Woodriff (Randy Spelling) leaves his Wyoming home to become a drummer in a Salsa band. Once in L.A. he falls in love with Tuesday (Diora Baird) but is chased by a couple of bad guys (Mike Starr, Kimble Jemison) who want the diamonds he does not have. He also gets involved with Riley, Jude's girlfriend who also wants the diamonds.

Hot Tamale is a quirky little comedy mystery. There are many very funny scenes in this otherwise thrilling story. For example, the bad guys have no problem bribing a hardware store employee with a hundred dollar bill to get him to open early but then are spendthrift when it comes to buying a spade to bury Jude. Tuesday offers bad guy Mike Starr a haircut while he is holding her captive. The entire fish out of water premise with Randy Spelling is funny as are his efforts to sell a huge crop of pot to get money to free Tuesday.

This is a comedy thriller DVD that is easy and fun to watch. You easily get involved in the action story underlying Hot Tamale and really enjoy all the quirky and very funny bits that keep it going. It is an unpretentious little movie that has none of the artsy-fartsy tricks too many independent movies feature, some excellent writing, solid acting, and cool little surprises here and there like its very Fargo style and darkly hilarious opening scene