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Charlie Chan The Chinese Ring
TCM Charlie Chan Collection 4 Films on 4 DVD
Roland Winters, Victor Sen Yung, Mantan Moreland
Directed by William Beaudine
Monogram Pictures 1947
Warner Home Video 2010
Fullscreen, 61 minutes

The Chinese Ring is one of four Charlie Chan DVD in the TCM Spotlignt Charlie Chan Collection. It is also the only one not starring Sidney Toller. Of Dark Alibi, Dangerous Money, and The Trap, this mystery is one of the two best in this collection. This in spite of the fact Roland Winters is not a particularly credible Oriental.

A Chinese princess goes to Charlie Chan for help but is killed before she can talk to the detective. She does leave a clue that allows the detective to embark on this mystery.

The biggest difference between this and the three other mystery films in this collection is who the supporting actors are. Warren Douglas and Louise Currie play Sergeant Bill Davidson and newspaperwoman Peggy Cartwright. They are a comic bickering couple and, of course, the newspaperwoman tags along and helps solve the case.

Birmingham Brown has little to do. Tommy Chan (Sen Young), has even less to do

The case involves missing money and airplanes the princess was to buy for her brother. Suspects include a ship's captain and the airplane manufacturer.

A young Chinese boy has something to do with the case. The way that thread is wrapped up is a bit much.

Charlie Chan The Chinese Ring will probably not please Sidney Toller fans. Still, this is a competent B movie and fun to watch.