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Already Dead
Ron Eldard, Til Schweiger, Christopher Plummer
Directed by Joe Otting
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
93 minutes

Already Dead is a ball grabbing nut squishing thriller. What at first looks like really artsy fartsy editing is in reality what sets up this movie as an extremely original psychological thriller and mystery. Already Dead is a DVD you will most certainly want to lend to friends and family. Don't. They too will want to keep it. So as not to spoil a movie you must absolutely see, this review does everything possible not to reveal anything that might spoil the suspense.

I have never seen anything quite like Already Dead and god knows Hollywood recycles so much the whole world should be green by now. Black Hawk Down's Ron Eldard plays Thomas Archer, a man who has everything until one night an intruder kills his son and rapes his wife. He feels helpless that night and even more helpless when the police cannot find the intruder and let the case grow cold. His shrink, Christopher Plummer, suggests the only real therapy is revenge therapy; an eye for an eye. Archer sets the wheels in motion to get his revenge.

The second half of this psychological thriller hangs on one hell of a plot twist that director Joe Otting makes more than believable. Already Dead then becomes a different kind of movie altogether but revealing what kind of movie would be revealing something about the first half.

I had never much paid attention to what sound editing can do in a movie but it is really a part of this thriller. All the little noises really help keep this thriller tight.

Make sure you watch Already Dead all the way to the end. It seems to end and then there is another scene.  In the goofs department, watch for the van with the on and off tail lights. By the way, doesn't anybody care about the babysitter?