Hard Case Crime renews the tradition of the paperback novel and the hard-boiled detective in addition to re-releasing some long lost titles by famous mystery novel writers Some past favorites are listed and reviewed here. Pictures link to Amazon if you are interested in reading it. Click Review for the full review (0f course)

My favorite Hard Case Crime. A great, original murder mystery. review.

Choke Hold, another solid Faust mystery Review

Really good and sometimes comic mystery. read the review

A long lost mystery now available again. read the review

Excellent and once hard to find Block mystery. read the review.

 Horror master writes a very good mystery.  read the review

Last Spillane mystery with tweaking by Max Allan Collins. review.

Mystery novel adaptation of graphic novel is very good. read the review.

Hit man crime novel makes you want to read the rest. read the review

Drop out goes to college and ends up investigating a murder review

Losers Live Longer Russell Atwood. Review

Robert Bloch  Two novels by mystery writer best known for movies. Review

A good ol’ fashionned thriller Review

The only known (rto date) Zelazny mystery novel Review

More taxing than a hard-boiled mystery should be Review

Convoluted and messy mystery. Review