The Guilty Wife
Elle Croft
Orion Books 2019
316 pages

This impressive debut thriller by British writer Elle Croft is a fun and exciting read that you just can’t tear yourself away from. The Guilty Wife on Kindle

London sets the stage for a perfect life. Bethany Reston is in love with her husband. She is a creative photographer thrilled to have secured a special access job shadowing multi-millionaire business man and public figure Calum Bradley. This will allow her to take behind the scenes photos of his latest project in motion.

Like many women, she is captivated by Bradley, who is well-known for his clandestine philandering. With the naive Bethany oblivious to potential consequences to her life and reputation, their working relationship soon explodes into a very secret, very private affair. In a flash, she is smitten.

In another flash, her lover is dead, brutally murdered on a London street. The police request the public’s help in identifying the likely killer. Dark late-night surveillance footage taken minutes after their last encounter released to the media reveals a mysterious woman in a hat. Bethany is horrified to recognize herself. It’s only a matter of time until she is identified.

Swallowed by an intense grief she can neither show nor share, Bethany’s secrets and lies intensify. She believes that she is safe. The pair were painstakingly careful. No one else knew about the affair.

She is wrong. Soon Bethany receives sinister threatening letters with photos that prove that she and Bradley were being monitored. Her life has been hacked. Terrified to her very being, she begins to unravel.

The Guilty Wife is an exciting thriller full of emotional tension! It is so easy to get locked in and swept away by the unpredictable and often intense plot. Shocking twists explode completely out of the blue, making the book infinitely addictive and entertaining, and highly recommended.

Croft is already an expert at weaving suspense and getting the adrenaline going. (Readers can feel Bethany’s fear.) It is wonderful to get such quality from an up and coming author.

The Guilty Wife by Elle Croft is an impressive first novel and thriller.

Immediately a fan, I can’t wait for the next one!

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