Tell Me Your Secret
Dorothy Koomson
Headline 2019
448 pages

Everyone has their secrets. There are those we choose to tell, and those we keep locked up forever.

Bestselling author Dorothy Koomson has a great new thriller that deals with just that. Tell Me Your Secret. Tell Me Your Secret Kindle at Amazon

There is a serial killer on the loose in London. The Blindfolder subjects his victims to what will likely be the worst 48 hours of their lives. Those he releases manage to succeed in enduring his only stipulation for freedom; that they never open their eyes for the entire time they are held captive.

Pieta Rawlings is one of them. She is a colourful individual who has spent the last 10 years trying to forget; trying to piece her life together and hold fast to some sense of normalcy without fear overtaking her. She is making a name for herself as a journalist who will pull out all the stops to get a story. She is barely able to hold it together when she is assigned to interview one of the Blindfolder’s victims who made it out alive.

The Blindfolder is now actively stalking and murdering his former victims, one every 6th Monday. Pieta is in fear for her own life, as well as that of her young son.

Detective Jody Foster—not that one—is called in. Haunted by guilt over a previous mistake that led to the death of more women, she is determined that The Blindfolder will not claim one more for his own.

Engaging, entertaining, and fast-paced, Tell Me Your Secret has you from the Prologue.

Dorothy Koomson’s style is exciting and very readable. She injects a distinct human element, which makes her characters well-developed, fallible, and believable. She provides few details of the actual abduction weekends, fuelling the reader’s imagination to run as far and wide as it chooses, which intensifies the ride.

The excitement builds and builds, and finally explodes with a surprise ending that is more than a little twisted.

Everyone has their secrets. What isn’t one, is that Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson is a great read! You won’t want to put it down.

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