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Frost at Christmas
A DI Jack Frost Investigation
R.D. Wingfield

Frost at Christmas is but one of six D.I. Frost mystery novels by R.D. Wingfield. Six mysteries that begat the thirteen year BBC hit A Touch of Frost. Frost at Christmas, which I believe was adapted for television year four or five, is a solid, fun to read mystery. Fans of the show will find the book version of the British detective is not at all dissimilar from its TV incarnation.

Frost at Christmas has Detective Inspector Jack Frost investigating the disappearance of a young girl, daughter of a local tart. A thirty year old corpse and an ongoing attempt to break into the local bank are also cases that land on Frost’s notoriously messy desk.

Of course, Superintendent Mullett supervises everything and insists all the paperwork be done on time.  Frost’s sidekick in this mystery is DC Barnard, the Chief Constable’s nephew.

The novel version of Jack Frost is very close to the BBC series version. It is hard for a reader not to picture the detective and the other characters as they are in the TV show. This takes little away from the novel.

If you are a big Touch of Frost fan, reading a Wingfield mystery is a bit like watching a rerun. If you are not a big TV mystery fan, this British whodunit is very very good.