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Don Winslow
Simon & Schuster 2010
302 pages Hardcover

Savages by Don Winslow is the oddest and wildest thriller I have read in quite a while. The characters are most unusual and the story is one very wild ride. Stylistically, Savages is in a class of its own. A thriller this weird is either gimmicky or really cool. This Don Winslow novel is a total hoot.

Chon and Ben are long time friends who grow superb and almost personalized designer weed. They are quite successful and employees have a good benefits package. They are both infatuated if not more with O which is short for Ophelia but also a nickname referring to her ability to have multiple orgasms. Chon is the former Navy Seal now occasional mercenary. Ben is the businessman who uses the company profits for various do good foundations

Life is good until the Baja Cartel decide they want to take over. Chon and Ben turn down the cartel's offer. The cartel kidnap O and hold her hostage. The deal is the guys turn everything over to the cartel but stay involved in day-to-day operations for the next three years after which O will be released. They could also come up with twenty million dollars.

This does not go over well with Chon and Ben.  This is where things get violent and go over the top.

The pages almost turn themselves as the book's energy and style carries you forward.

I do have a problem with the scene on page 180 where Chon rips the battery cables off their stolen car and they drive it to block the Baja Cartel car.

Savages by Don Winslow is an absolutely fun, laid back, unusual thriller.