Penance Is For The Weak
D.C. Iannuzzi
Longbridge Books 2011

This is D.C. Iannuzzi’s second mystery novel featuring Detective Johnny Emory of the Montreal Police force.  The story is about a pretty young reporter Julie Vadnais who believes she has uncovered widespread municipal corruption. She feels that her life is being threatened and she and her editor turn to the police for help.

Penance Is For The Weak is a good police story set in Montreal.  I liked the references to Montreal, but would have liked to see a little more description of the places I know and love.  I also would have liked to be introduced to new places, the “inside scoop” if you will.  That said, this is a nice summer read, with twists and turns that will keep you guessing.

The story itself is unsettling – for a few reasons.  Firstly, if the corruption that is described in Penance Is For The Weak is even remotely based on what is really happening in Montreal  – bad news!!!  It really made me stop and think about the way our system is set up, and how ‘easy’ it is to get service from the city if you know the right people.   Secondly, I can’t help thinking that it would be easy to replace the city of Montreal with any other city in North America, and come away with the same conclusion – know who to pay and when, and you’ll get the service you want.  The last thing that the novel made me question is the true connection between the levels of government – who gets elected and how is a scary thought.

This mystery novel is a quick and interesting read, which will make you question your local politicians when they come knocking during the next elections.  Read it and learn.