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Starring: Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Leslie Bibb, Viola Davis, Michael Gambon
Studio: Overture Films/Anchor Bay Entertainment
DVD Release Date: February 16, 2010
Run Time: 108 minutes

Clyde Alexander Shelton (Gerard Butler) is a law abiding citizen. This is the kind of movie that should have been a big hit and probably would have been a bigger hit had the storyline hung together a little better near the end but it is still a very good story that is well acted and has a few surprises.

Gerard Butler is one of those actors who you know but don/’t remember his name. He was in 300, Nim/’s Island, Gamer and Reign of Fire, he is no stranger to action movies yet in this movie he is surprisingly sedate if furious with the system of justice that lets his wife/’s murder off with a slap on the wrist. Opposite Butler is the reliable and occasionally brilliant (but not in this movie) Jamie Foxx as prosecutor Nick Rice. Essentially this is a battle of wits between Clyde and Nick. Clyde is hell bent on bringing the system of justice down around the ears of those who negotiate deals.

This is an enjoyable movie from start to finish and the way in which the story develops is so well done that it isn/’t until the final reveal that we understand what is going on. The difficulty is actually with the final 60 seconds of the movie which is not a major complaint but it is one of those moments where as a viewer you ask the question: How did that happen? It is unfortunate because up until that point it is a solid movie though the actual last scene is superb and a perfect ending to the movie. All in all Law Abiding Citizen is a good movie but not something I have added to my permanent collection. I won/’t be watching it again but I will encourage others to watch it.