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Edge of Darkness Blu-ray DVD Combo
Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston
Directed by Martin Campbell
Warner Home Entertainment 2010
117 minutes

Edge of Darkness starts out by showing us Mel Gibson in the role of Detective Thomas Craven, waiting for his daughter at the train station in Boston. As he is about to take her home, she vomits, and for a moment, we think she might want to tell dad that she is pregnant. She quickly points out to her dad that she is not pregnant. Once home, she is sick again, and as they exit the house to go see a doctor, a man jumps out of a car shoots her. Edge of Darkness is available as a Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy set.

Afterwards, Detective Craven tries to see if one of the criminals he was after might have tried to target him, and hit his daughter by mistake. Most of the police precinct seems to follow that lead, but Craven goes through some of his daughter’s belongings, and starts realizing that maybe someone was really after his daughter.

What follows is something we know Mel Gibson for. He portrays a disturbed cop, who really wants to uncover what happened to his daughter, and why. I found similarities between Edge Darkness and Conspiracy Theory, in that he ends up uncovering that the government and bad corporations that do business with the military might have a part in his daughter’s death.

As in any good conspiracy, some parts are predictable. There’s always some shady figures that we suspect of foul play. Usually, they end up really involved, even more so than we could have imagined. Without spoiling any details of the thriller, I must say that in one particular encounter with an informant, just the camera angle clearly showed that this informant was about to die… A bit too telegraphed for my taste.

Otherwise, I feel Mel Gibson’s acting was good enough to carry this thriller. We can really imagine him as a detective of a certain age who loses his daughter, the only woman in his life, and that afterwards, he only has one goal; discovering why she died.

I think that the way he investigates is fairly realistic, however the extent of the conspiracy seems to stem more from something someone might have thought up in the 80s. After some research, I discovered that Edge of Darkness is based on a TV series that aired in the mid-80s. While the movie is quite predictable at times, it is still worth watching, if only to see Mel Gibson’s acting performance. After some debatable performances in recent years, I found him more convincing in this role.