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Aunjanue Ellis, Vivica A. Fox, Louis Gossett Jr.
Directed by Bill Duke
Fox Home Entertainment 2008
98 minutes

Some movies have a way of surprising you all the way to the end. I find these kinds of movies quite entertaining and Bill Duke's Cover, is one of those DVDs that not only has an interesting plot which is full of twists, it has moments that are funny, just it has others that are quite dramatic and that show the darker side of the human experience.

Throughout the film the viewer is constantly reminded of common modern issues like faithfulness in relationships and how men see women versus how women see men. The film also touches issues people have with race, religion and homosexuality.

This might seem like a lot of things to contemplate, but it isn't done in a way that will overwhelm the viewer. To the contrary, it is done in good taste, and it only serves Cover well by making it an enriching experience.

Aunjanue Ellis plays Valerie Maas, the main character of this movie. At the beginning, we see her being brought to the interrogation room of a police station where she is being interrogated for a murder that she claims she didn't commit. In the following 90-something minutes that follow, she tells the story of how her life has recently changed for the worst, just as she saw it.

As the title of this movie evokes, there is a web of lies that are covered up, and as viewers follow the story, they almost become the character of the detective played by Louis Gossett Jr. in the sense that they are trying to figure out if Valerie is guilty or not.

Some of the twists in the storyline are somewhat predictable, but most will keep even the keenest eyed detective guessing, which is where this movie shines. I must admit I had seen a few coming, but many elements of the Cover story were kept a surprise until the movie chose to reveal them to me.

Overall I'd say this movie is a must see for people who like going through a variety of emotions when they watch a movie. Happiness, sadness, surprise, suspense, you name it, this DVD has it all.