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The Overlook - Another Review [Mystery Books]: The usual solid and captivating mystery by a master.

The Picasso Flop [Mystery Books]: very good poker mystery novel. Original and fun to read

The Pistol Poets [Mystery Books]: If you enjoy the comic mystery this one works.

The Placebo Effect [Mystery Books]: Superb original mystery with a new recipe

The Plea [Mystery Books]: Murder, blackmail, and larceny. At a robust 560 pages, The Plea features Eddie Flynn, a clever, quick thinking former con artist who now employs his unique set of skills as a crackerjack lawyer who can ferret out the truth and outsmart just about anyone.

The Poker Club [Mystery Movies]: Decent not great thriller where four guys hide a body and then pay the price.

The Postcard Killers with Lisa Marklund [Mystery Books]: A very good mystery novel

The Pretender [Mystery TV]: A great series which translates well to DVD and holds up well over time.

The Priest [Mystery Books]: Plodding mystery with too many red herrings.

The Prophet [Mystery Books]: a must read for Koryta fans and mystery lovers

The Quality of Life - A Dominic Da Vinci Movie [Mystery TV]: Follow-up movie to Da Vinci's Inquest and City Hall is fairly decent almost until the end.

The Quest [Mystery Books]: An interesting and exciting adventure about a quest for the Holy Grail but a bit long. Expanded from the 1975 version

The Red Power Murders [Mystery Books]: Thumps DreadfulWater has never liked surprises—even the goodones are annoying, he thinks. So it’s no shock that a string of seeminglyrandom occurrences is causing Thumps some real discomfort.

The Replacement Killers [Mystery Movies]: A intriguing movie well worth watching.

The Republic of Doyle - CBC Wednesdays 9 P.M. [Mystery TV]: Fun and original TV mystery with a comic twist at times.

The Reversal - October 2010 [Mystery Books]: Detective Harry Bosh, Mickey Haller, and their exes on the same case.

The Ridge [Mystery Books]: set deep in the Kentucky woods where mysterious happenings surround a misplaced lighthouse

The Ring - TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection [Mystery Movies]: Roland Winters tries to take over from Sydney Toller in good mystery.

The River Murders [Mystery Movies]: the different elements of the plot reveal themselves too quickly in this thriller

The Road to Ruin - A John Dortmunder Novel [Mystery Books]: A road to nowhere, a dead end, potholes galore, detour this one.

The Rookies The Complete First Season DVD Box Set [Mystery TV]: Classic seventies TV cop show is still fun to watch.

The Ruby in the Smoke [Mystery Books]: Sally Lockhart's father dies in a tragic shipwreck in the Far East - then she receives a warning about the Seven Blessings. Soon Sally's world starts to unravel and it is all she can do just to stay alive.

The Run [Mystery Books]: Will Lee has decided to run for president of the United States but there maybe someone who doesn't want him to get there.

The Russia House [Mystery Audio]: mysterious manuscript purporting to prove the Soviet defense system is unworkable is smuggled out of Moscow.

The Saint - Old Time Radio [Mystery Audio]:

The Sands Motel [Mystery Books]: Carmen and Caitlin find themselves in a difficult position when a couple of million dollars falls right into their laps.

The Sausage Maker s Daughters [Mystery Books]: Smooth, interesting, and well written, The Sausage Maker s Daughter is an entertaining read, and highly recommended.

The Scarecrow [Mystery Books]: Jack McEvoy of The Poet is back in yet another excellent Connelly mystery.

The Scenesters [Mystery Movies]: An indie movie with too many things that do not quite work.

The Second Girl [Mystery Books]: Ex-cop with a habit ends up having to find missing girl. A good thriller.

The Second Mouse - A Joe Gunther Mystery [Mystery Books]: 2006 Joe Gunther mystery features Archer Mayor 's usual strength and weaknesses.

The Secret In Their Eyes [Mystery Movies]: Academy Award winning mystery. Superb.

The Sentry -the third Joe Pike novel [Mystery Books]: a superb mystery well worth your time.

The Serial Killers Club [Mystery Books]: this mystery novel is a fun light summer vacation read

The Shield The Complete Series - 28 DVD 88 Episodes [Mystery TV]: Great crime TV box set also looks great.

The Siege At Ruby Ridge [Mystery Movies]: A surprisingly balanced treatment of a white seperatists gun runners battle with the U.S. government.

The Sign of the Book - A Cliff Janeway Bookman Mystery [Mystery Books]: When Erica's best friend is accused of murder Cliff Janeway sets out to find out who the real killer is.

The Silence Between Breaths [Mystery Books]: cannot say that The Silence Between Breaths is enjoyable, in an uplifting, entertaining kind of way, but it definitely makes you think. It is written in a straightforward, uncomplicated and intentional manner, but the resulting emotional undertow can be intense.

The Silence of the Lambs Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster classic thriller. Go Blu-ray for the special features, maybe.

The Silencers [Mystery Movies]: An excellent funny spy movie.

The Skeleton Box [Mystery Books]: The Skeleton Box is easily a recommended mystery.

The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales [Mystery Movies]: Mexican dark comic mystery. Interesting and different.

The Skin Collector - A Lincoln Rhyme novel [Mystery Books]: Serial killer matches wits with detective in solid thriller with a few novel twists.

The Smack [Mystery Books]: The Smack by Richard Lange is everything you want in fun thriller.

The Sniper - Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics 1 [Mystery Movies]: Excellent and original 1950s film noir part of 5 DVD set.

The Sniper's Wife - A Joe Gunther Mystery (sort of) [Mystery Books]: An interesting novel different from others by the author

The Sopranos Season 6 Part II [Mystery TV]: It's The Sopranos and the last episodes, what else do you need to know?

The Spellman Files [Mystery Books]: Very light on mystery decent beach fodder

The Spiral Staircase [Mystery Movies]: A classic thriller from the forties.

The Stolen Ones [Mystery Books]: Exciting from the get-go, The Stolen Ones is a complicated and intriguing mystery

The Taking Of Pelham 123 [Mystery Movies]: A hijacking in the NYC subway system leads to the emergence of an unlikely hero and an even more unlikely outcome.

The Thicket [Mystery Books]: a very interesting and entertaining adventure

The Thin Blue Line [Mystery Movies]: How do you make a case against the death penalty in Texas?

The Thin Man [Mystery Movies]: The classic noir film that spawned one of the most memorable series of films in mystery movie history.

The Thin Man Goes Home [Mystery Movies]: The most serious mystery movie effort in the Thin Man series a solid effort.

The Third Gate - Lincoln Child [Articles]: Curse of the mummy yet again.

The Thirst - A Harry Hole Mystery [Mystery Books]: How do you bring a famous detective out of retirement? Jo Nesbo faces that conondrum in the eleventh Harry Hole (pronounced Hoo-leh) mystery The Thirst.

The Tiger's Tail [Mystery Movies]: Excellent non-violent identity thriller DVD

The Tourist [Mystery Movies]: Not quite good enough romantic thriller.

The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo [Mystery Movies]: Decent action movie with a romantic part for the girlfriend

The Trojan Horse - CBC TV Political Thriller [Mystery TV]: Canuck runs for presidency in a speculative political thriller

The Unholy Four aka A Stranger Came Home [Mystery Movies]: Not the best mystery in the second Hammer Film Noir box set

The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book [Mystery Movies]: Excellent if somewhat complex Blu-ray thriler but no special features

The Walker On The Cape [Mystery Books]: When Elias Martin drops dead on his favourite walking route it looks like a heart attack but a closer looks puts Sergeant Winston Windflower and his Constable with the unlikely name of Eddie Tizzard into full investigation mode.

The Warrior [Mystery Movies]: The Warrior is a great movie with heroics, emotion and action.

The Warrior Class [Mystery Movies]: Decent court room thriller with romantic stuff thrown in.

The Watchman -the first Joe Pike novel [Mystery Books]: Joe Pike pays up on an outstanding marker only to find himself protecting a girl who can t even be protected by the U.S. government and the Marshall s service.

The Water Rat of Wanchai - An Ava Lee Novel [Mystery Books]: Good enough first entry in series of financial thrillers

The Wheel of Darkness [Mystery Books]: Agent Pendergast thriller / mystery novel. Good stuff.

The White Road [Mystery Books]: The White Road by Sarah Lotz is very enjoyable, and highly recommended.

The Whole Truth [Mystery Books]: geopolitical thriller. Not his best.

The Woods [Mystery Books]: While prosecuting a rape case the twenty year old case of his sister's murder resurfaces to wreak havoc on Paul Copeland's life.

The Wrecking Crew [Mystery Movies]: Part of the 4 movie Matt Helm Lounge Box Set.

The Wrecking Crew [Mystery Books]: Matt Helm gets sent to Stockholm to track down and assassinate an agent named Caselius.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye - A Harry Bosch Novel [Mystery Books]: Harry Bosch is hired by a billionaire to find out if he has an heir and also works for the San Fernandino PD and discovers there is a serial rapist on the loose. This being a Michael Connelly mystery it is of course excellent.

Three Bags Full - A Sheep Detective Story [Mystery Books]: Very enjoyable and original

Three Days of the Condor [Mystery Movies]: Bookworm CIA agent is on his own after his office gets wiped out.

Three Graves Full [Mystery Books]: Last third of this mystery is excellent but getting there is not.

To Live and Die in L.A. [Mystery Movies]: Entertaining and great looking thriller about FBI agent against funny money maker.

Today You Die [Mystery Movies]: Substandard even for a Segal movie

Tortured [Mystery Movies]: Too many flashbacks take a lot away from this thriller.

Touch [Mystery Books]: a writer who is very good at novelty and evocative descriptions. That being said, Touch would have been more enjoyable for this reader if it contained a smoother flow

Toys [Mystery Books]: Action action action in SF novel

Tripwire - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: When a private eye finds Reacher in Key West then suddenly turns up dead Reacher becomes interested in why the man was looking for him in the first place.

True Blue [Mystery Books]: Decent enough mystery but not decent enough for this writer.

Try Dying [Mystery Books]: Bell would have been better off to choose an either/or scenario to consurrent stories to showcase his talent.

Twisted [Mystery Books]: A drive by shooting develops into a complicated and twisted story.

Under Orders [Mystery Books]: Sid Halley returns to the bookshelf in an intense investigation of race fixing, Internet gambling and murder.

Under the Bright Lights - The Bayou Trilogy [Mystery Books]: The first book in this series set in Louisiana is a decent read.

Vabank [Mystery Movies]: Polish comic thriller that is quite interesting

Vanishing Act - A Jane Whitefield Mystery [Mystery Books]: The first in the Jane Whitefield mysteries, a series Perry should have continued.

Vantage Point - 2 Disc Special Edition [Mystery Movies]: The assassination of the U.S. President told through 8 different points of view. Brilliant.

Vibe Fox In A Box [Mystery Movies]: The most complete Pam Grier blacksploitation collection you will find anywhere.

Virgin With Butterflies [Mystery Books]: Quirky Perils of Pauline sans perils kind of novel.

Wallander - BBC Series on DVD [Mystery TV]: Excellent BBC adaptation of Swedish mystery novel series

War Dogs- Blu-Ray and Digital HD [Mystery Movies]: War Dogs is the true story of two twenty-something Americans who found a Pentagon loophole and became very successful international arms dealers … for a while

Watching You [Mystery Books]:

Where The Truth Lies [Mystery Movies]: Kevin Bacon is brilliant but cannot save the movie.

While My Pretty One Sleeps [Mystery Audio]: A great audio version from an author who writes the way people speak.

White Cargo [Mystery Books]: When Cat Catledge's world is all but destroyed by senseless violence on the high seas he focuses on one tiny light of hope to try and bring what is left of his family back to the U.S.A.

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