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The Crazy School [Mystery Books]:

The Crimes of Paris [Mystery Books]: Excellently told story that includes the birth of the mystery novel, cubism, and some art history.

The Crossing - A Harry Bosch Novel [Mystery Books]: The Crossing, the twenty-second Harry Bosch, represents a major change in the life of Connelly s foremost character.

The Cuckoo s Calling [Mystery Books]: The Cuckoo s Calling however wasn t as entertaining as this reader expected.

The Cut - A Spero Lucas novel [Mystery Books]: cold, average-paced, sometimes raw and unpredictable thriller

The Cypress House [Mystery Books]: Supernatural mystery. Once it gets to you, it is hard to put down.

The Da Vinci Code [Mystery Movies]: A good adaptation of the novel

The Da Vinci Code [Mystery Movies]: The two-DVD set of The Da Vinci Code from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has everything fans of the movie will enjoy

The Dark Lake [Mystery Books]: Detective Sargent Gemma Woodstock leads a complicated life in a small Australian community She is a rugged and dedicated law enforcement officer, in addition to being a mother, and lover. Her near obsession with a murder victim seems to extend beyond normal police work.

The Dark Tide [Mystery Books]: What do a terrorist attack in NYC and a hit and run in Greenwich, Conn have to do with each other? Nothing it would seem, until Ty Hauck starts looking into things.

The Dead Hour [Mystery Books]: Journalist uncovers mystery

The Dead Man's Brother [Mystery Books]: Only known Zelazny mystery novel to date. Pretty good

The Defence [Articles]: Despite having all the ingredients for a great thriller, unfortunately, this reader could not initially get into and enjoy The Defence, although it did improve over time.

The Devil You Know [Mystery Books]: A horror / gothic novel that is mostly a mystery.

The Devil's Banker [Mystery Books]: Accountant Adam Chapel tracks down the killers of 4 of his team.

The Dime [Mystery Books]: Between the police work and the action, The Dime explores Betty s history, the relationships with her colleagues, as well as her partner Jackie and the struggles with Jackie s family. Betty is complicated and not easy. She is anything but one dimensional.

The Dime Museum Murders - The Harry Houdini Mysteries [Mystery Books]: Houdini and his brother Dash in a Holmes style adventure. Quite fun

The Doll Maker [Mystery Books]: Killers leave doll replica of their previous victim with their next one. Byrne and Balzano investigage

The Double - A Spero Lucas novel [Mystery Books]: second in the series and quite good

The Drop - A Harry Bosch Mystery [Mystery Books]: Decent enough Connelly but not up to usual standards

The Drop - J. Curran review [Mystery Books]: Although not one of Connelly’s mind blowers from start to finish, The Drop is definitely a good solid read.

The Dynamite Room [Mystery Books]: a decent choice as a library book. I d wait for Hewitt s next if I was spending money.

The Elvis Cole Mystery Series and The Monkey's Raincoat [Mystery Books]: A series that starts out as a Parker / Spenser lookalike and evolves into its own thing.

The End of Everything [Mystery Books]: Very original thriller narrated by thirteen year old. Nothing else like this one.

The Enemy - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: When a two star general from Amoured division dies in a seedy motel almost 300 miles from where he ought to be Jack Reacher gets the call to look into things.

The Equalizer [Mystery Movies]: Nice hardware store employee turns out to have great vigilante skills. Excellent

The Faculty Club [Mystery Books]: If you like a big dose of fantasy with your mystery.

The Farm [Mystery Books]: The Farm is strong and well written. It is definitely recommended as a very good read.

The Feng Shui Detective [Mystery Books]: Fun short mystery stories set in Singapore.

The Fifth Assassin [Mystery Books]: Having watched a few episodes of Brad Meltzer s Decoded, when The Fifth Assassin came up for review I was curious if the man could write. I was not disappointed.

The Fifth Witness - April 2011 [Mystery Books]: A solid (of course) Mickey Haller mystery

The Fifth Witness - J. Curran Review - April 2011 [Mystery Books]: Third Mickey Haller mystery. This reviewer was not as impressed as the other one was.

The First Quarry [Mystery Books]: First in the hard boiled Quarry series makes you want to read the rest.

The First Rule - the second Joe Pike Novel [Mystery Books]: The first rule any criminal within the range of Joe Pike should know is: do not piss Joe Pike off.

The Floating Lady Murders - Harry Houdini Mysteries [Mystery Books]: very nice mystery novel

The Following - The Complete First Season [Mystery TV]: Former FBI agent Kevin Bacon has to stop machiavelic serial killer and his followers in excellent thriller series

The Forgotten [Mystery Books]: Second and more assured John Puller mystery

The Game [Mystery Books]: Russell and Holmes go to India to try and track down missing agent Kimball O'Hara

The Girl From Home [Mystery Books]: The Girl from Home is a tight well written suspense drama. A good thinking person s novel, it is definitely worth the read.

The Girl She Used To Be [Mystery Books]: Woman in Witness Relocation Program decides enough is enough.

The Girl With All the Gifts [Mystery Books]: The Girl With All the Gifts is an interesting story. It explores the concepts of love and loyalty, and what makes us human, within an apocalyptic context of carnage and destruction. It evokes emotion, and sentiment. At times it is brutal and shocking.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - 2011 version [Mystery Movies]: Excellent remake not sensibly different from the original until the last twenty minutes.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo DVD [Mystery Movies]: Excellent adaptation of first Larsson novel in Millenium series

The Glades - The Complete First Season [Mystery TV]: Very good TV mystery show with little gunplay and gore.

The Glades The Complete Second Season [Mystery TV]: Good mystery series if you get the romantic triangles out of the way.

The Glass Rainbow - A Dave Robicheaux Mystery [Mystery Books]: Like any other late in the series book, it basically repeats itself.

The Gods of Guilt - Mickey Haller Novel [Mystery Books]: The Lincoln Lawyer takes a case that propels him along a journey to face the demons of his past and present.

The Grave Tattoo [Mystery Books]: Wordsworth, murder and Fletcher Christian. How could they all come together?

The Great Detectives [Articles]: One writers take on who are the best detectives of all time.

The Happening - M. Night Shyamalan [Mystery Movies]: Excellent end of the world thriller even if you are not a Shyamalan fan.

The Hard Way - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Jack Reacher helps find the kidnapped wife and child of a mercenary

The Hard-boiled Detective [Articles]: An article explaining the hard-boilded detective genre.

The Hidden Child [Mystery Books]: Much less a mystery than a novel about various people in a Swedish village.

The Hunt For Eagle One [Mystery Movies]: A story you have seen before but it is well done.

The Ice Twins [Mystery Books]: One of the Moorcroft s twin daughter died, but which one?

The Innocent [Mystery Books]: Hitman and runaway teen have to figure out who is out to get them in excellent thriller.

The Kill Artist [Mystery Books]: Torn between a life of quiet and a life of service Gabriel Allon must decide if he really wants to return to the spy game to get the man who killed his two children.

The Killer Is Loose [Mystery Movies]: Escaped convicts goes after wife of cop who killed his wife in pretty good film noir DVD

The Killing Forest [Mystery Books]: Having taken time to recover from a traumatic event, Louise Rick returns to the National Police to lead the Special Search Agency dealing with missing persons and criminal activity. She is assigned to investigate the disappearance of Sune, a 15 year-old boy believed to be in distress about the impending loss of his terminally ill mother.

The Killing Kind [Mystery Books]: one hell of a good read. It is a quick-paced story of a hitman with who kills other hitmen but then becomes the target of another hitter.

The Killing Season One Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Wait til next season to find out whodunit? I don t think so

The Lady of Sorrows [Mystery Books]: somewhat less engaging than one had hoped.

The Last Juror [Mystery Audio]: A good solid story that is judiciously edited and well acted.

The Last Undercover: The True Story of an FBI Agent's Dangerous Dance With Evil [Mystery Books]: Pretty good true crime autobiography

The Late Show - A Renee Ballard Mystery [Mystery Books]: There is a new kid in town. Dog lover, and surfer by day, Detective Renee Ballard is a tough, tenacious, no-nonsense loner who works the late shift in Hollywood. Due to unsubstantiated accusations thrown at a superior officer, she is not exactly on the warm and fuzzy list of her fellow officers. With limited trust running both ways, her investigations are often solo.

The Legend Of Zorro [Mystery Movies]: The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

The Lincoln Lawyer Audio Book Version [Mystery Audio]: An excellent departure for mystery writer Michael Connelly

The Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey [Mystery Movies]: Attorney Mickey Haller is hired by a rich kid who is accused of the rape and attempted murder of a prostitute.

The Lineup Columbia Film Noir Classics 1 [Mystery Movies]: Movie version of fifties TV cop show is pretty good with chase scenes too

The Little Giant - Warner Gangsters Collection Vol. 4 [Mystery Movies]: Edward G. Robinson in tale of Chicago hood trying to become hoi-poloi

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane [Mystery Movies]: Great thriller with Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen

The Lost Daughter [Mystery Books]: American student in Florence disappears, followed by another family member.

The Lovely Bones [Mystery Movies]: Suzie Salmon tells the story of her murder and the fallout that hits her family after she is gone.

The Maltese Falcon [Mystery Movies]: The greatest of all film noir and it holds up very well.

The Marksman [Mystery Movies]: A post cold war flick with lousy sound and lousy script.

The Mask Of Zorro [Mystery Movies]: A well written, well acted, well excuted movie.

The Matt Helm Lounge [Mystery Movies]: A pack of rat pack flicks that are fun if a little dated.

The Mentalist - Season One [Mystery TV]: CBI consultant Patrick Jane works tirelessly catching criminals in search of the serial killer Red John.

The Mentalist - The Complete Second Season [Mystery TV]: Very good TV crime show.

The Mentalist - The Complete Third Season [Mystery TV]: Excellent third season though the focus on the Red John story makes other episodes weaker.

The Mission Song [Mystery Books]: John le Carre thriller novel about an interpreter.

The Monster of Florence [Mystery Books]: Superb investigative novel of a real life serial killer.

The Murder of King Tut - with Martin Dugard [Mystery Books]: Patterson's take on the subject will entertain most.

The Mystery Box [Mystery Books]: A very good collection of 21 mysteries by the likes of Jan Burke, Laura Lippman, and Tom Rob Smith.

The Mystery of hte Haunted Opera House [Mystery Books]: Exciting and suspenseful, The Mystery of the Haunted Opera House is a great adventure novel for pre- and early teens.

The Mystery of the Brick Kingdom [Mystery Books]: The Mystery of the Brick Kingdom captures the exuberance of youth, and is a great book for an early teen audience.

The Mystery of the Floating Feet - CBC Newsworld 11-02 and 11-08 2009 [Mystery TV]: Interesting documentary that solves little

The Mystery of the Silver Statue [Mystery Books]: An engaging, enjoyable read directed towards a youth audience

The Name of the Rose [Mystery Movies]: Sherlock Holmes type mystery set in 1400s monastery

The Naming Of The Dead - Inspector Rebus [Mystery Books]: DI John Rebus is called out of the station to investigate the appearance of a piece of clothing of a murder suspect only to discover that there may be more murders than just the one he is investigating

The Newsmakers [Mystery Books]: Hard to put down, The Newsmakers is a highly recommended read. It is fast-paced, exciting, and unpredictable.

The Nice Guys [Mystery Movies]: Great film noir comedy you are absolutely going to enjoy.

The Night Gardener [Mystery Books]: Good mystery novel though not the author's best.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Episode 4 04/19/09 [Mystery TV]: American mother asks Mma Ramotswe to find out what happened to her son.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency HBO April 4th and 11th 2009 [Mystery TV]: Second episode of this HBO mystery TV series is good. Third is so-so.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency Seaspon One [Mystery TV]: Excellent adaptation of the McCall Smith mystery series. 3 DVD 7 Episodes

The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency Premiere HBO 03/29/09 [Mystery TV]: TV adaptation of McCall Smith's mystery series is very well done.

The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency [Mystery Books]: A special and very good read.

The Obsidian Chamber - A Pendergast Mystery [Mystery Books]: Descriptive and very well written, The Obsidian Chamber contains everything you would want in an engaging novel: Adventure, excitement, suspense, love, lust and rivalry, set against a backdrop of mystery and an intriguing premise about life.

The Overlook [Mystery Books]: Yet another great Harry Bosch mystery

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