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Liquid Smoke - A Noah Braddock Mystery [Mystery Books]: Third in the series makes you want to read the others

Lonely Hearts [Mystery Movies]: Decent film noir and mystery DVD

Long Lost [Mystery Books]: David Morrell's story of Brad Denning's family being kidnapped by someone posing as his long lost brother (or is it in fact his long lost brother?) is less than riveting.

Looker [Mystery Movies]: Mystery meets techno science fiction in this pretty good thriller.

Losers Live Longer - Hard Case Crime [Mystery Books]: Down on his luck private eye must solve murder of mentor and find a beautiful babe or two. Classic crime novel pulp fiction style

Losing Faith [Mystery Books]: Losing Faith takes a different approach from most legal thrillers. Aaron Littman, one of the legal world s best, is caught in a web of deceit that places him dead centre in a murder investigation.

Lost Daughter [Mystery Books]: The first Dan Kruger novel has former cop Dan Kruger investigating a missing persons case that turns into a multiple murder.

Lovejoy - The Complete Season Three [Mystery TV]: Antiques Roadshow meets larceny, intrique, and some comedy.

Luther [Mystery Movies]: A 2010 BBC show about a brilliant detective who is called to investigate unusual crimes

Luther - BBC Series [Mystery TV]: Very good if more violent and gory than your usual BBC mystery

Machete [Mystery Movies]: Everyone thought he was dead - especially the drug cartel. But you cannot kill a legend.

Maigret Sets a Trap [Mystery TV]: Rowan Atkinson as Maigret takes some getting used to but eventually does the job

Make Believe - An Edna Ferber Mystery [Mystery Books]: Hollywood screenwriter Edna Ferber gets caught up in her fourth mystery with guest appearances by Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

Mandarin Gate [Mystery Books]: When a suicide and a triple homicide all occur within a short time frame on Inspector Shans watch as ditch inspector there is no choice but to pursue the truth.

Manhattan Is My Beat [Mystery Books]: The mystery novel equivalent of watching paint dry.

Manhunter - The Hannibal Lecter Collection Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: First version of Red Dragon directed by Michael Mann fails to impress

Map Of Bones [Mystery Books]: A mass murder at the Cathedral of Cologne is the preface to an adventure which hold the very fate of humanity in the balance.

Married Life [Mystery Movies]: Interesting quasi film noir about a man, his mistress, his best friend.

Martha Marcy May Marlene Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Girl contacts her sister after a two year absence. What happened and is she okay? Odd psychological thriller

Martina Cole [Mystery Books]: The evolution of an Irish mobster. A bit long.

Mata Hari [Mystery Movies]: Soft core porn but not too bad a flick.

Medium The Complete First Season [Mystery TV]: Really cool I see dead people TV mystery show

Melancholy Baby - A Sunny Randall Mystery [Mystery Books]: An entertaining whodunit.

Midnight's Delight [Mystery Books]:

Mobsters [Mystery TV]: Biography style documentaries on Hoffa, Capone, and Gotti for crime fans.

Mom Reviewed - Roxy Hunter - Secret of the Shaman [Mystery Movies]: Young sleuth solves another mystery. Mom reviewed it and would ground Roxy Hunter for a month.

Mom Reviewed - Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid [Mystery Movies]: Third Roxy Hunter DVD. The kids love it, Mom, not so much.

Money Shot [Mystery Books]: Broad believed to be dead avenges herself and kicks ass on every page. My favorite Hard Case Crime mystery.

Monk - Season Five [Mystery TV]: Former police detective Adrian Monk is back for his fifth season in this DVD collection.

Monk - Season Four [Mystery TV]: The fourth season of Tony Shaloub's award winning OCD and phobic detective. A great addition to any DVD library.

Monk - Season One [Mystery TV]: Plagued by OCD and neurosis of several varieties detective Adrien Monk still manages to solve crimes.

Monk - Season Three [Mystery TV]: Mr. Monk continues his crime fighting ways with a new assistant and more risk taking.

Monk - Season Two [Mystery TV]: His sophomore year is proof that the cozy is alive and well as an art form. Tony Shaloub is flawless.

Moonlight Mile [Mystery Books]: Back after an 11-year hiatus in the series Lehane is rusty but good.

More Than Murder [Mystery TV]: Stacy Keach is great as hardboiled detective Mike Hammer who quips as much as he beds.

Mortal Remains - An Adam McCleet Mystery [Mystery Books]: Fans of Carl Hiassen and Kinky Friedman will enjoy Rick Hanson

Mother's Day Contest through Hachette Book Group. [Articles]:

Mr. Brooks [Mystery Movies]: Good thriller about a serial killer, his imaginary friend, and a tagalong

Ms. America and the Offing on Oahu - Free Kindle book [Mystery Books]: Excellent and free summer mystery and cozy

Mulholland Books - Summer 2011 [Articles]: An article about a publisher we really like and upcoming mystery novels.

Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness [Mystery Books]: First in a series about The Ethical Chaing Mai Detective Agency rooted in Thailand where Ladarat Patalung is the nurse ethicist at Sriphat Hospital.

Murder For Choir - A Glee Club Mystery [Mystery Books]: The mystery niche in this case is the cutthroat world of high school choir competitions.

Murder Me, Murder You [Mystery TV]: Murder Me, Murder You was one of the movies of the week that served as pilot episodes for the Mike Hammer television series

Murder On The Orient Express [Mystery Movies]: Interesting made for TV DVD version of Christie classic

Murder Takes The Cake [Mystery Books]: a deliciously sweet first-in-a-series mystery novel

Murdoch Mysteries and Terriers Marathons FX Canada [Articles]: TV mystery fans will be happy over the holidays

My Guy Is Quick - Mike Hammer DVD [Mystery Movies]: Decent enough B movie with scenery chewing actors.

My Name Is A by Anonymous [Mystery Movies]: Found footage film based on the murder by Alyssa Bustamante.

Mystery Show - Gimlet Media Podcast [Mystery Audio]:

Mystery Woman - Sing Me A Murder [Mystery TV]: Mystery Women episode and decent made for TV mystery with Kellie Martin

Mystic River Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Superb adaptation of the Dennis Lehane mystery looks great on Blu-ray

Nancy Drew [Mystery Movies]: Carolyn Keene's girl detective in her big screen debut. Good family viewing.

Nancy Drew - A Fan's Review [Mystery Movies]: Nancy and her father relocate to Los Angeles and move into a mansion with a mystery behind it: The murder of a movie star at the height of her fame.

Nature Girl [Mystery Books]: Another offbeat though not a mystery Hiaasen fest of weird comic novel

Nemesis - A Harry Hole Mystery [Mystery Books]: Excellent Norwegian mystery novel.

Night and Day - A Jesse Stone Mystery [Mystery Books]: Good read and toss kind of mystery.

Nikita - The Complete First Season Blu-ray [Mystery TV]: Second TV series based on Luc Besson thriller is quite good.

Nine Dragons - A Harry Bosch Mystery [Mystery Books]: The lesser Harry Bosch mystery.

No Second Chance [Mystery Books]: When Marc Seidmen finally comes to after being shot in the chest and head he is stunned to discover his wife is dead and his daughter is missing.

North By Northwest [Mystery Movies]: Alfred Hitchcock at his very best bringing out the best in his actors.

North By Northwest Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Classic and still thriller Hitchcock movie about the wrong man.

Nothing To Lose - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Jack Reacher finds himself moving between Hope and Despair while trying to figure out why he is being kicked out of the township of Despair Colorado.

Numb3rs : The complete first season [Mystery TV]: The mathematician brother of an F.B.I. agent helps to solve crimes.

O Jerusalem [Mystery Books]: Russell and Holmes find themselves in Palestine working for Mycroft to solve a problem that could upset the British occupation of Palestine.

Obsession - An Alex Delaware Mystery [Mystery Books]: Sucks

One Good Turn [Mystery Books]: One Good Turn is one twisted mystery novel

One Shot - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Jack Reacher investigates a sniper shooting in which a former Army sniper is accused of being the sniper. All the evidence is there but something is not quite right.

Orchid Blues [Mystery Books]: When a bank robbery gone wrong finds Holly's fiancee dead from a shotgun wound the tenacious chief of police of Orchid Beach goes after some of the meanest perpetrators she has ever encountered.

Our Man in Havana DVD [Mystery Movies]: Graham Greene adapts his novel for the screen with excellent results.

Oxygen [Mystery Movies]: a psychological thriller with a good dose of suspense

P is for Peril [Mystery Audio]: When Dowan Purcell, a respected physician who operates a nursing home, disappears, his ex-wife hires Santa Teresa PI Kinsey Millhone to look into it.

Painted Ladies - A Spenser Novel [Mystery Books]: 39th Spenser and as ordinary as the last 12 or so

Pardon My Body - Harlequin Vintage Collection [Mystery Books]: Not particularly good pulp fiction reissue.

Passport to Peril [Mystery Books]: Good Cold War thriller, perfect beach / airport fodder

Past Mortems - Life and Death Past Mortuary Doors [Mystery Books]: Valentine biographically takes you through the various steps to becoming a pathologist a history of the profession,a couple of embarassing or touching moments, the morgue, and shares a few somewhat gruesome but oh so interesting inside stories about the process of organ removal to how pathologists also help make the dead for viewing and the tricks of the trade

Penance Is For The Weak [Mystery Books]: police story set in Montreal

Perpetrators Of The Crime [Mystery Movies]: Tori Spelling gives a standout performance in an otherwise lackluster movie.

Person of Interest Season 2 Blu-ray + DVD + Ultraviolet [Mystery TV]: Season Two carries on the improbable success of Person of Interest. The hallmark of the second season is vulnerability

Persuader - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Jack Reacher finds himself chasing a ghost and living with one of the biggest dealers on the eastern seaboard while doing the scut work for the DEA.

Picture Snatcher - Warner Bros. Gangster Collection Vol. 3 [Mystery Movies]: Ex-con Cagney tries to make good as photog with a comic twist.

Pilot Episode aka Reputation [Mystery TV]: First episode picking up after Inspector Morse series.

Play Dead [Mystery Books]: Dog can prove man in prison is innocent. A pretty good mystery novel.

Press Release - Third Watch Season One On DVD [Articles]:

Pretty Maids All in a Row [Mystery Movies]: Pre-Kojak Telly Savalas is detective in strange comic sex romp movie

Private Berlin - Patterson and Mark Sullivan [Mystery Books]: Not for the faint of heart and described as “spectacularly violent”,

Public Enemies - The Golden Age of the Gangster Film [Mystery Movies]: A great documentary DVD on the history of the gangster film or American film noir with lots and lots of clips.

Pursuit [Mystery Books]: Mystery thriller meets bodice ripper

Pushing Daisies - The Complete Second Season [Mystery TV]: Very unusual and good comedy mystery TV show

Pushover - Columbia Film Noir Classics II [Mystery Movies]: Good noir thriller, one of 5 in this collection

Radiant Angel - a John Corey novel [Mystery Books]: Bond-like thriller where hero John Corey must stop nefarious plan.

Rage [Mystery Books]: A pretty decent mystery in the Alex Delaware series by Jonathan Kellerman

Razor Girl [Mystery Books]: Razor Girl is Merry Mansfield who is an expert at rear-ending target vehicles while shaving her cooch. Hiaasen is the master of the comic weird crime novel.

Restitution [Mystery Movies]: Odd but good low budget movie about writer looking into insurance guy s death, or so it seems.

Restrike [Mystery Books]: too many subplots, complications, and a multitude of characters, Restrike takes on way too much, and the feel is generally disjointed.

Revolver [Mystery Movies]: I am you and you are me and we are all together.....

Rippper Street - Space - Begins Jan 19th 9 p.m. [Articles]: Good Victorian era mystery series a la Murdoch.

Rise The Dark [Mystery Books]: those who like novels sporting a touch of the supernatural, and characters who are willing to make momentous sacrifices for the greater good, will enjoy this novel.

Robert Ludlum's Covert One: The Hades Factor [Mystery Movies]: Long, convoluted, drawn out Robert Ludlum spy thriller DVD

Rough Weather - A Spenser Mystery [Mystery Books]: Decent enough for a later Spenser.

Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost [Mystery TV]: Smart kid's mystery seen on Nickleodeon

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