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Fun & Games [Mystery Books]: Very good noir-ish thriller with original story and characters.

Game Over- A Bob Skinner Mystery [Mystery Books]: this mystery will please the author s long-time fans.

Gatekeeper - A Joe Gunther Mystery [Mystery Books]: A frustrating book.

Getting Lucky [Mystery Books]: a clever, nicely staged, sometimes humourous, and enjoyable read

Ghost Dog - The Way Of The Samurai [Mystery Movies]: This is a superb movie for the right audience.

Gideon s Sword [Mystery Books]: Very good first thriller in new Preston Child series

Glazed Murder - A Donut Shop Mystery [Mystery Books]: Big hole for the plot

Gone - Jonathan Kellerman [Mystery Books]: A way below par Alex Delaware mystery novel.

Gone Baby Gone - Movie Version [Mystery Movies]: Detectives look for missing kid and find more than they were looking for. Shares a title and character names with a Lehane novel.

Gone Tomorrow - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Reacher thinks he is dealing with a suicide bomber on a train but he is only half right and comes up against an enemy as strong and clever as he is.

Goodfellas Blu-ray Digibook [Mystery Movies]: Henry Hill grows up to be part of the mob and tells the inside story. Brilliant Scorsese movie

Gourmet Detective: Death Al Dente [Mystery TV]: By the numbers with crayons tv mystery.

Grift Sense & The Tony Valentine Mystery Series [Mystery Books]: Mystery series set in the world of poker, gambling, and Las Vegas

Grifter's Game [Mystery Books]: Hard Case Crime is a new imprint for fans of the mystery novel.

Guilt by Association [Mystery Books]: Reasonably good first crime fiction novel.

Guilty Wives - Patterson & David Ellis [Mystery Books]: is an often intense, always interesting escape that is hard to put down

Gumshoe - Albert Finney [Mystery Movies]: British mystery DVD uses all the film noir tropes to good effect

Gun Machine [Mystery Books]: When detective John Tallow runs across an immense cache of gun in NYCs first precinct it starts the ball rolling on one of the most bizarre cases the NYC has ever seen.

Guns - CBC September 6th and 7th 2009 8 P.M. [Mystery TV]: Classic Canadian TV i.e. sucks

Hamish Macbeth - Death of a Dreamer [Mystery Books]: A scottish highlands social more than a mystery.

Hamish Macbeth - Death Of A Gentle Lady [Mystery Books]: Better than the previous Hamish Macbeth mystery I read.

Hamish Macbeth - Death of a Nurse [Mystery Books]: A local golddigging nurse is found dead. The bodies then start piling up in another fun cozy

Hamish MacBeth - Death of a Witch [Mystery Books]: My favorite of recent Hamish MacBeth mystery novels

Hard Case Crime - Crime novels a steal at that price [Articles]: Hard Case Crime is a publisher of classic pulp fiction and new novels and mystery writers. Damn good stuff at a damn good price.

Hard Luck [Mystery Movies]: The Hard Luck DVD is difficult to describe

Harlequin Reissues mystery pulp fiction for 60th [Articles]: Article about reissues of James Hadley Chase and other pulp fiction novels.

Harry Brown [Mystery Movies]: Taking the law into his own hands was only a last resort but someone had to do something.

Hart To Hart [Mystery TV]:

Harvest (Canadian title) [Mystery Books]: Detective looks for particularly macabre serial killer in solid thriller.

Heat Blu-ray Steelbook Edition [Mystery Movies]: Excellent cop and robbers action drama with De Niro and Pacino

Heaven's Prisoners [Mystery Movies]: A slow paced adaptation of James Lee Burke's second novel.

Hell & Gone [Mystery Books]: Uneven second book in trilogy.

Hell s Corner - A Camel Club Mystery [Mystery Books]: A good one even if the Camel Club are props more than anything else.

Henry s Crime [Mystery Movies]: Stick to the trailer

Her: A Novel [Mystery Books]: Her is well written. It draws you in and carries you along. You want to discover the truths that are hidden within the pages. The problem is, they are hidden too well.

Hickey and Boggs - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Mystery Movies]: Bill Cosby and Robert Culp in noir 70s thriller.

High Profile - A Jesse Stone Mystery [Mystery Books]: Readable? Yes. Believable? Hmmm.

High Profile - A Jesse Stone Mystery [Mystery Books]: Banal mystery by writer who puts out too much.

Hill Street Blues [Mystery TV]: One of the best cop shows to ever be produced is available on DVD and worth adding to anyones collection.

Hit and Run - A Keller Mystery [Mystery Books]: Decent yarn if you are willing to suspend disbelief

Hit Me - A Keller Thriller [Mystery Books]: Fifth in the Keller series and a good, comfortable read

Hitchcock - Spellbound Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Decent enough psychological thriller with the Salvador Dali touch. Bergman and Peck star

Holes [Mystery Movies]: Sent to a juvenile detention center in the desert where young Stanley Yelnats IV finds himself digging holes under the blazing sun all day in search of a special "something" the warden won't specify.

Hollywood Crows [Mystery Books]: Often a trial to continue, this was not a book that demanded constant attention by exploding with excitement or slyly drawing the reader in.

Hollywood Station [Mystery Books]: After a ten-year silence, Wambaugh has a new police procedural.

Hooked [Mystery Books]: A thriller about the sinister side of the internet.

Hot Tamale [Mystery Movies]: Cool mystery thriller comedy independent movie that is fun to watch.

How a Gunman Says Goodbye [Mystery Books]: Procedural from the criminal point of view about what happens when a hitman messes up.

How To Marry A Ghost [Mystery Books]: Those wishing for a linear, detective type novel should give this one a pass.

Human Desire Fritz Lang Columbia Film Noir Classics II [Mystery Movies]: Love triangle in railroad setting. Classic film noir.

Hundred-Dollar Baby - A Spenser Mystery [Mystery Books]: A dreadful Spenser mystery. A waste of time and money

Hush [Mystery Books]: the initial enthusiasm for Hush waned. The book is readable, but could use some depth and tightening up

I Confess - Turner Classic Movies Hitchcock Thrillers [Mystery Movies]: This 2 DVD thriller set also features Suspicion, Strangers on a Train, and The Wrong Man

I'll Bury My Dead [Mystery Books]: Well-off Nick English tries to discover who bumped off his loser brother and a bunch of other bodies.

I, Alex Cross [Mystery Books]: This case hits close to home for Alex Cross

If I Run [Mystery Books]: In this engaging and hard to put down thriller, questions of good and evil are illustrated, as are those of personal choice, strength, maintaining faith in the midst of adversity, and standing up for what is right.

In Bruges [Mystery Movies]: Two hitmen go hiding in Bruges for a while in this dark comedy crime movie

In The Belly of Jonah - A Liv Bergen Mystery [Mystery Books]: Good first mystery novel.

In The Red [Mystery Books]: Touted as a “darkly erotic novel about a good girl gone bad” this reader did not enjoy this book as much as anticipated.

Innocence [Mystery Books]: Third Hosp mystery novel and a good read.

Innocent Lies [Mystery Movies]: A good flick to pass the time with but won't stay with you.

Inside Man [Mystery Movies]: A blackballed cop has to handle a strangely politically hot hostage situation where the hostage takers seem to know more than he does about everything.

Insomnia Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Very good moody thriller with Pacino, Williams, and Swank

Into The Blue [Mystery Movies]: A surprisingly strong movie.

IQ [Mystery Books]: If you are looking for a unique and edgy crime/mystery novel, Joe Ide s debut book may be the one.

Jack Reacher [Mystery Movies]: The only suspect in a sniper shooting asks for Jack Reacher in the meantime Jack Reacher heads to the site of the shooting intent on seeing justice done after a sniper shooting kills five people.

Jesse Stone - Benefit of the Doubt DVD [Mystery Movies]: Eighth in the series and just as good.

Jesse Stone - Innocents Lost DVD [Mystery Movies]: 2011 TV movie. Good but formulaic

Jesse Stone - No Remorse DVD [Mystery Movies]: Very moody but very good made for TV mystery

Jesse Stone - Stone Cold DVD [Mystery TV]: Tom Selleck, now far removed from his Magnum P.I. series, is just the right guy to play the still somewhat alcoholic ex-L.A. cop

Jesse Stone - Thin Ice DVD [Mystery TV]: Fifth in the series and just as excellent as always.

Jesse Stone : Death In Paradise DVD [Mystery Movies]: Third Jesse Stone DVD starring Tom Selleck, really really good mystery.

Jesse Stone : Sea Change DVD [Mystery TV]: Good stuff if subdued

Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise [Mystery TV]: How does a straight A student end up brutally murdered and floating in a local lake? Jesse Stone makes it his business to find out.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage [Mystery TV]: Jesse Stone leaves the LAPD to head up the police force in Paradise Massachusetts.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage DVD [Mystery Movies]: First Robert B. Parker Jesse Stone second DVD in the series.

JFK: The Smoking Gun - Discovery Canada Nov. 3rd 8:00 [Articles]: A new theory on who killed JFK in an excellent documentary

Johnny Dangerously [Mystery Movies]: A bizarre little send up of the classic mob movie.

Judge & Jury [Mystery Books]: Great mystery novel that keeps you interested all the way through.

Keaton s Cop [Mystery Movies]: So bad it is almost funny but not quite cop movie with Lee Majors and Abe Vigoda.

Kick Ass [Mystery Movies]: Just your everyday superhero - Kick Ass - well actually a student in a wet suit and a father daughter team dressed kind of like a Batman and Batgirl combo. Very much a comic book on screen and wonderfully executed as we see what can happen if someone decides to become a superhero just because they think it is the right thing to do.

Kill For Me [Mystery Books]: Susannah Vartanian returns to Georgia in the wake of her brother Simon's death only to discover that his horror was only the tip of the iceberg.

Kill the Next One [Mystery Books]: What an imaginative read; a psychological thrill ride!

Killer Ambition - A Rachel Knight Novel [Mystery Books]: Rachel Knight investigates the death of the daughter of a movie mogul

Killing Castro [Mystery Books]:

Killing Floor - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: When Jack Reacher wanders into the town of Margrave he is quickly arrested on suspicion of murdered and the strength of an unimpeachable eyewitness.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [Mystery Movies]: Quirky film noir cop movie spoof and mystery on its own.

Kobo ebook Reader Review [Articles]: Decent but too slow

Kojak - Season One [Mystery TV]: Kojak featured great writing crammed in a one-hour

L'Enfant / The Child [Mystery Movies]: Boyfriend sells girfriend's baby, boyfriend gets baby back, will he get the girl back?

Larceny, Inc - Warner Gangster Collection Vol. 4 [Mystery Movies]: Con man opens luggage store to break into bank and everything goes wrong in this gangster movie comedy DVD

Last Words [Mystery Books]: Investigator tries to solve twenty-year-old murder at the request of the possible killer.

Latino Book Month Giveaway - Hachette Book Group [Articles]:

Law Abiding Citizen [Mystery Movies]: A quiet, law abiding citizen seeks revenge on those he feels failed himself and his family

Layer Cake [Mystery Movies]: Complex Brit crime movie.

Le Couperet [Mystery Movies]: Very good adaptation of The Ax by Donald Westlake

Lethal [Mystery Books]: a complex and intriguing mystery until the book skids off into Harlequinland

Lie To Me - Season 2 [Mystery TV]: 22 episodes 6 DVD of a very good mystery TV show

LIe To Me - Season One [Mystery TV]: Very good and original TV mystery series 4 DVD 13 episodes for season 1

Lie To Me - The Complete Third and Final Season [Mystery TV]: Excellent TV mystery show but cancelled. 13 episodes 4 DVD

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