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Chat - A Joe Gunther Mystery [Mystery Books]: One of the good ones in this series

Child 44 [Mystery Books]: Superb mystery set in Stalinist Russia

Choke Hold - Hard Case Crime [Mystery Books]: Second Angel Dare thriller and excellent, fast-paced read.

Chrystal [Mystery Movies]: Chrystal is definitely a keeper.

Chuck Season 3 Blu-ray [Mystery TV]: Fun spy comedy

Chuck The Complete Season Four Blu-ray [Mystery TV]: Fun spy comedy a bit of an acquired taste but worth the effort.

City of Sinners [Mystery Books]: An apparent terrorist threat puts detective Johnny Emory on the spot to find the bombs before they go off.

City of the Dead [Mystery Books]: Good but not as good as the plot promises.

City of Veils [Mystery Books]: Sometimes terrifyingly brutal; sometimes tender, and always interesting, City of Veils is the book to read.

Cleaner [Mystery Movies]: Guy who cleans up after a murder scene cleans up an uninvestigated murder.

Coffy [Mystery Movies]: A fun to watch blacksploitation flick.

Cold Comes the Night - Bryan Cranston [Mystery Movies]: Single mom is forced by gangster to get back the money he lost in excellent thriller.

Cold Service - A Spenser Mystery [Mystery Books]: A little less than a Spenser novel should be.

Cold Vengeance - A Pendergast Novel [Mystery Books]: Perhaps reading the recommended Fever Dream first would help, but this reader is not convinced.

Con Ed [Mystery Books]: Who's conning who in this solid thriller.

Controversial Trials [Mystery TV]: Court TV crime documentaries on Sam Sheppard, The Chicago Eight, and Jeffrey MacDonald

Cop [Mystery Movies]: Lloyd Hopkins an obsessive LAPD police officer who is the only one to see the mark of a serial killer.

Cover [Mystery Movies]: Woman tries to prove she did not do it.

Crime Beat [Mystery Books]: An interesting read for true crime fans.

Crime Spree [Mystery Movies]:

Crimson Shore - A Pendergast Novel [Mystery Books]: Cask of Amontillado meets Hounds of the Baskerville and Salem witch trials in entertaining fifteenth Pendergast novel.

Cross - An Alex Cross Novel [Mystery Books]: The latest Alex Cross mystery by James Patterson. Excellent except for the ending.

Cross Justice - An Alex Cross Mystery [Mystery Books]: Cros goes home in a thriller that left me cross.

Cry Ohana [Mystery Books]: An okay mystery set in Hawaii

Curiosity Killed The Cat Sitter - Dixie Hemingway Mystery [Mystery Books]: Fun lightweight cozy cat lovers will especially appreciate

Cutting Corners [Mystery Books]: The accidental death of Caitlin's brother puts the two C's back into investigative action to try and discover the person behind his death.

Damage Control [Mystery Books]: Good, solid mystery if you do not mind an American movie style ending.

Damages The Complete Third Season [Mystery TV]: Very good but demanding show

Dangerous Money - TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection [Mystery Movies]: Penultimate and lesser Charlie Chan starring Sidney Toler

Dark Alibi - TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection [Mystery Movies]: 40th of 47 Charlie Chan movies. This one stars Sidney Toller. Very enjoyable, pristine print.

Dark Harbor [Mystery Books]: Very good and original whodunit.

Day Four [Mystery Books]: During a post-Christmas cruiseayoung woman is found dead, the victim of too much alcohol, or perhaps something more frightening and intentional.

DCI Banks - Aftermath [Mystery TV]: First in an excellent BBC mystery series

Dead At Daybreak [Mystery Books]: Unusual and totally different mystery novel.

Dead Before Dying [Mystery Books]: Mat Joubert is not your usual police detective and much closer to your tortured ex-cop turned gumshoe.

Dead Cert [Mystery Movies]: This is a good stocking stuffer or gift for the Dick Francis fan and worth having a look at for any mystery fan though perhaps as a rental rather than as a purchase.

Dead Man Switch [Mystery Books]: an easy to read thriller. Someone is targeting Special Ops agents and only John Hayes can stop killer.

Dead Sand - A Lewis Cole Mystery [Mystery Books]: Decent enough first mystery in series

Dead Street [Mystery Books]: The latest and not the last mystery by Mickey Spillane who died in 2006

Deadline [Mystery Books]: one of the best mystery novels I have read this year.

Deadly Beloved - A Ms. Tree Mystery [Mystery Books]: Ms. Tree graphic novel makes great transition to real book format.

Death at La Fenice - A Commissario Brunetti Mystery [Mystery Books]: Good first in series with weak ending

Death Match [Mystery Books]: When the perfect matches made by a dating service start dying the company hires a former FBI forensic psychiatrist to get to the bottom of the problem.

Death of a One-Sided Man [Mystery Books]: I would not hurry to the bookstore

Death Of A President [Mystery Movies]: Very realistic and prescient mockumentary

Death on the Marais [Mystery Books]: First in very good series about Inspector in sixties rural France.

Death on the Rive Nord [Mystery Books]: Very enjoyable Maigret like mystery set in sixties rural France

Death's Half Acre [Mystery Books]: Needs to be weeded out.

Debt Collector - Komornik [Mystery Movies]: Interesting Polish drama

Deceit [Mystery Books]: Wait for the paperback for this mystery novel.

Deceit Audio Book Version [Mystery Books]: Disgraced journalistg comes across story of a life time. Better as an audio book mystery.

Deception - Hugh Jackman [Mystery Movies]: Excellent if slow paced at first erotic thriller for those who like smart movies.

Deep Fathom [Mystery Books]: An ancient civilization, a solar flare, an eclipse all combine to create the impending doom of the Earth. A lightning quick read.

Deliver Us From Evil [Mystery Books]: 2 agents have the same target in lesser thriller

Deliver Us From Evil - A Shaw Thriller [Mystery Books]:

Devil's Peak [Mystery Books]: Fourth mystery by this Afrikaans writer, Excellent stuff.

Devil's Peak - Review 2 [Mystery Books]: Great mystery author from South Africa

Dial 1119 - Film Noir Classic Collection 5 [Mystery Movies]: Escaped from asylum, gunman takes people hostage in a bar.

Dial Om For Murder [Mystery Books]: a yoga mystery: your mind goes blank while you read

Diamond Head - A John Caine Mystery [Mystery Books]: Echoes of Travis McGee but pretty original and interesting mystery.

Die With Me [Mystery Books]: Sub par serial killer British mystery novel

Dirty [Mystery Movies]: A movie which had all the elements but didn't quite make it.

Dog Tags [Mystery Books]: Lawyer Andy Carpenter tries to save dog thus help owner in unimpressive mystery novel

Dollars aka $ [Mystery Movies]: A not particularly interesting crime caper DVD

Domino [Mystery Movies]: Based on the true story of Domino Harvey (Keira Knightley), daughter of film actor Laurence Harvey.

Don't Look Twice [Mystery Books]: Ty Hauck has moved on to Greenwich, Connecticut to pursue his career and with any luck a new life. In the blink of an eye and the spray of machine gun fire the peaceful community is put on edge by a drive by shooting that just misses Ty and his daughter and the hunt is on to find the perpetrators.

Doomed To Die - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Mystery Movies]: B-movie mystery on decent enough print

Double Cross - An Alex Cross Mystery [Mystery Books]: a strong, addictive page turner. a mystery novel definitely worth the trip to the book store.

Double Play [Mystery Books]: Double Play, a suspense built around the story of baseball great Jackie Robinson

Down 3 Dark Streets - MGM Limited Edition Collection [Mystery Movies]: Pedestrian thriller with Broderick Crawford

Drama City [Mystery Books]: A definite page turner.

Dressed To Kill Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Good if self-indulgent DePalma thriller

Echo Burning - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Jack Reacher is wandering through Texas and gets picked up by a beautiful woman looking to hire a killer.

Echo Park [Mystery Books]: The best Michael Connelly mystery to date and that is saying a lot.

Edge of Darkness - Mel Gibson [Mystery Movies]: Good thriller with Mel Gibson out to avenge daughter.

Eliot Ness An Untouchable Life DVD [Mystery Movies]: One man show where Eliot Ness tells his life story.

Empire Of The Wolves [Mystery Movies]: This French thriller is a true winner.

Even Dogs in the Wild - A Rebus Mystery [Mystery Books]: A recently retired Rebus gets pulled into the investigation of a series of killings.

Everybody Wins [Mystery Movies]: A good dose of willing suspension of disbelief is necessary to enjoy this thriller.

Eye Witness and other stories from The McBain Brief [Mystery Audio]: A good and entertaining collection of Ed McBain's

Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift [Mystery Movies]:

Fat Ollie's Book - A Novel Of The 87th Precinct [Mystery Audio]: Entertaining and amusing Ed McBain really knows how to deliver but the voice work could have used a little editing.

Fatal Grace - A Three Pines Mystery [Mystery Books]: For those who think Matlock is too complicated

Fatal Tide [Mystery Books]: a compelling mix of murder, adventure and psychological twists

Fear Of The Dark [Mystery Books]: Great, lyrical mystery novel about Fearless Jones and Paris Minton

Fever Dream - A Pendergast mystery [Mystery Books]: Very good thriller, less weird than the usual Preston & Child novel

Film Noir Classic Collection 5 - Desperate [Mystery Movies]: Decent thriller about man and wife on lam from crooks and cops

Film Noir: Man Hunt - Fritz Lang 1941 [Mystery Movies]: A lesser known Fritz Lang Film noir pristine on DVD

Firewall [Mystery Movies]: A security specialist is forced into robbing the bank that he's protecting, as a bid to pay off his family's ransom.

First Family - A Sean King / Michelle Maxwell mystery [Mystery Books]: Very good mystery novel with a very interesting baddie.

Flat Spin [Mystery Books]: First mystery. Take a chance on a next one but not this time.

Florida Straits [Mystery Books]: Enjoyable lightweight crime caper

Fox Film Noir - Road House [Mystery Movies]: Very good film noir starring Ida Lupino

Foxy Brown [Mystery Movies]: Part of the Pam Grier blacksploitation set.

Freak [Mystery Books]: Good second novel, having read the prequel is not necessary.

Free Mystery Ebook every week from Tyrus Books [Articles]: Free mystery novel from Tyrus Books every week

Fringe - The Complete First Season Blu-ray [Mystery TV]: Great paranormal mystery TV series a bit on the gory side.

Fringe - The Complete Second Season [Mystery TV]: Odd but good mix of supranatural and mystery

From Ice to Ashes [Mystery Books]: Terrorist infiltrates the Yukon Arctic Ultra in very good thriller

Frost at Christmas - A D.I. Jack Frost Investigation [Mystery Books]: TV's Frost is just as good in book form

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