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12th of Never - Women s Murder Club Mystery [Mystery Books]: Easily read over a two day period, 12th of Never is a Women s Murder Club mystery

15th Affair - A Women s Murder Club Mystery [Mystery Books]: a gripping and exciting mystery from the start

21 Hours At Munich [Mystery Movies]: 21 Hours At Munich plays and sounds like the made for TV movie it is. It is the story of the taking of Israeli athletes as hostages during the 1972 Munich Olympics and the events that followed.

61 Hours - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Jack Reacher is trapped in a small town under lockdown and snowed in while a drug lord makes arrangements to kill a witness.

88 Minutes - Al Pacino [Mystery Movies]: Great thriller with edge on your seat twists and turns.

A Case of Redemption [Mystery Books]: The plot evolves a bit too gradually for this reader, but once it reaches its tipping point, the story draws the reader in with its unexpected twists and greater complexity.

A Conflict Of Interest [Mystery Books]: Excellent debut novel and legal thriller

A Cool Breeze on the Underground - A Neal Carey Mystery [Mystery Books]: The first couple Neal Carey mysteries are quite good, the rest blah.

A Death In Vienna [Mystery Books]: Gabriel Allon goes Nazi hunting when the head of the war crimes investigation office in Vienna is nearly killed when the offices are blown up. What follows is an old story but a compelling one.

A Drop of the Hard Stuff - A Matthew Scudder Mystery [Mystery Books]: High Low Jack gets himself killed doing his 4th step, Matt Scudder investigates

A Firing Offense - a Nick Stefanos novel [Mystery Books]: First of three Nick Stefanos novels from the early nineties now back in print

A Hummingbird Dance [Mystery Books]: Gay mystery novels with more gay characters than there are at a gay wedding.

A Magpie's Smile [Mystery Books]: Canadian mystery novel is so-so

A Monstrous Regiment Of Women - A Mary R. Russell Mystery [Mystery Books]: Benefactors at The New Temple in God are dying mysteriously and it is up to Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes to find out who is behind the killings.

A Night at the Operation - A Double Feature Mystery [Mystery Books]: Second run movie theatre owner becomes amateur detective in lightweight series.

A Night to Remember - Comedy Mystery [Mystery Movies]: Fun comedy spoof of thirties and forties murder mystery movies including Thin Man.

A Slice of Murder - A Pizza Lover s Mystery [Mystery Books]: Fun but chatty cozy. Better if you do not ask too many questions while reading.

A Slight Case Of Murder [Mystery Movies]: Excellent mystery and comedy based on Donald E. Westlake novel

A Slight Case of Murder [Mystery Movies]: Great adaptation of Westlake mystery novel. Brilliant in all possible ways.

A Soldier's Story [Mystery Movies]: An absolute must have for any cinema fan.

A Touch Of Frost - Seasons 11 and 12 [Mystery TV]: A great British mystery TV series

A Touch of Frost Season 1 [Mystery TV]: Season 1 of A Touch of Frost reveals the story of the George's Cross and Frost's wife. Tape quality picture though.

A Touch of Frost: Seasons 7 & 8 [Mystery TV]:

A Touch Of Frost: Seasons 9 and 10 [Mystery TV]: One thing that is immediately clear while watching any episode of this British television mystery is how superior to American fare the filming is.

Act of Evil - A Hal Bannatyne Mystery [Mystery Books]: The right elements are present in this mystery but a tighter focus would have made a more effective and entertaining story.

Act Of Treason [Mystery Books]: An attempted assassination leads to massive amount of butt covering and finger pointing in Washington as Mitch Rabb cuts to the chase and tracks down the culprit.

After The Thin Man [Mystery Movies]: The sequel is better than the original.

Agent #1 [Mystery Movies]: rare opportunity to get a movie about an aspect of Poland during World War 2

Alcatraz - Premieres Jan 16th 8 p.m. CITY TV [Mystery TV]: Everybody on Alcatraz vanished in 1963 and the inmates are reappring 49 years later.

Alexandra's Project [Mystery Movies]: Great psychological thriller.

Alien Nation [Mystery Movies]: A great science fiction cop/buddy movie.

All The Flowers Are Dying - A Matthew Scudder Mystery [Mystery Books]: An innocent man is put to death but one psychologist believes in the mans innocence. Meanwhile back in Manhattan Matt Scudder is investigating a new and mysterious boyfriend for a friend of his in the program. That these two paths intersect is only the beginning of another fine addition to the Scudder legend.

Already Dead [Mystery Movies]: One hell of a movie. An absolute must see.

Always Kiss the Corpse on Whidbey Island [Mystery Books]: Less a mystery than a so what novel.

Amazonia [Mystery Books]: A book that will hold your attention - a lighting fast read.

Among Thieves [Mystery Books]: Someone is killing Boston mobster with tie-in to great art robbery

Another Thin Man [Mystery Movies]: Being a married couple with a baby boy doesn’t slow down the social butterflies Nick and Nora Charles one iota.

Arabesque - Gregory Peck / Sophia Loren [Mystery Movies]: Great political thriller with superb comic moments.

Asian Heritage Month Contest courtesy Hachette Book Group [Articles]:

Baby Moll [Mystery Books]: Mallory is forced back in the fold when his former boss is threatened. Not the best in this series.

Bad Day At Black Rock [Mystery Movies]: Classic Spencer Tracy mystery.

Bad Faith [Mystery Books]: Bad Faith perhaps, is better than no faith at all, but some may beg to differ.

Bad Girls of Film Noir Volume 2 [Mystery Movies]: 4 sort of film noir, 3 starring Cleo Moore on 2 DVD

Bad Luck and Trouble - A Jack Reacher Novel [Mystery Books]: Do not mess with the special investigators takes on a whole new meaning when Calvin Franz turns up dead and Jack Reacher takes on the case.

Bare-Naked Lola [Mystery Books]: Fun, lightweight mystery. Third in series.

Basket Case [Mystery Books]: Obituary journalist investigates death of rock star. Not as wild as most Hiaasen mysteries.

Batman Begins Steelbook Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Decent enough recreation of the Batman story

Batman: Under The Red Hood [Mystery Movies]: Batman and Robin have a difference of opinion after Robin goes through a life altering experience.

Beat the Reaper [Mystery Books]: Excellent first novel features former hit man now a doctor

Before the Fall [Mystery Books]: Before the Fall is an excellent novel.

Beneath The Abbey Wall [Mystery Books]: Interesting mystery but it could have been tighter.

Betrayal - CITY - Premieres Sept 29th 10 p.m. [Articles]: Sarah Hadley gets shot in the first minutes so what led to that?

Billion Dollar Brain [Mystery Movies]: Based on the novel by the same name by Len Deighton.

Black Dawn [Mystery Movies]:

Black Order: A Sigma Force Novel [Mystery Books]: Painter Crowe is trapped in the Himalayas, Grayson Pierce botches a simple surveillance in Europe and Nazis are once again threatening the world.

Blackfly Season - a John Cardinal Mystery [Mystery Books]: Enjoyable, well written, not for the faint of heart mystery set in Canada

Blacklands [Mystery Books]: very impressive debut mystery novel

Blame [Mystery Books]: Blame is an exciting new thriller by Jeff Abbott.

Bleeding Hearts [Mystery Books]: An assassin is set up on a hit and investigates who set him up

Blonde Faith - A Different Review [Mystery Books]: The tenth Easy Rawlins mystery. The man's hurtin'

Blonde Faith - The Rebel's Yell [Mystery Books]: When you combine Camus with Hammett the result is a great read that is literary and philosophically engaging.

Blonde Faith Audio Book [Mystery Books]: 10th Easy Rawlins mystery much better as an audio book.

Blood Hunt [Mystery Books]: Rankin can do better but this is still a good read.

Blood Simple Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Superb first thriller by the Coen Brothers, the director s cut version

Blood Work Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: Excellent movie adaptation of Connelly novel

Bloodman (aka Eye of the Storm) [Mystery Books]: This thriller should come with a halogen nightlight.

Blue Screen - A Sunny Randall Mystery [Mystery Books]: Very ordinary Sunny Randall mystery with stupid ending.

Blue Thunder [Mystery Movies]: Cool action movie with helicopter shoot out scenes

Blue Thunder - The Complete Series [Mystery TV]: Eighties action TV series that was short-lived.

Blue Thunder Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: LAPD chopper pilot gets way cool helicopter and uncovers conspiracy.

Blue Velvet Blu-ray [Mystery Movies]: A David Lynch film ergo very weird really looks its best on Blu-ray

Bodily Harm [Mystery Books]: Very good and original mystery around a toy manufactured in China killing children, the manufacturer, and a contract killer.

Body Double [Mystery Movies]: Bizarre Brian De Palma mystery DVD keeps you guessing.

Bones Never Lie [Mystery Books]: Tempre Brennan looks into the 2007 murder of a twelve-year-old and it echoes another case.

Bones Season 4 [Mystery TV]: Excellent and very odd crime TV show

Bones Season 4 Blu-ray [Mystery TV]: Excellent and quirky crime TV show

Bones The Complete Season 6 Blu-ray [Mystery TV]: Excellent crime TV show.

Bonnie & Clyde [Mystery TV]: Very good 2 part A&E drama

Bonnie And Clyde - 2-Disc Special Edition [Mystery Movies]: Classic gangster movie.

Boomerang - Fox Film Noir [Mystery Movies]: Great prosecutorial mystery.

Bootlicker [Mystery Books]: Man wants to become first Black senator from South Carolina but has skeletons.

Breaking Bad - Season 5 - Part 1 [Mystery TV]: The first half of the final season of Breaking Bad - what will Walter do?

Breakout Kings - Season One [Mystery TV]: Cons help Marshalls recapture escaped criminals for time off.

Brilliant But Cancelled - TV Crime Dramas [Mystery TV]: Title says it all

Broken Flowers [Mystery Movies]: A fifty something fading Don Juan whose girlfriends all basically look the same and all leave him

Broken Monsters [Mystery Books]: Great villain lost in too many secondary characters and plot elements.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine City Tuesdays 8:30 starting Sept 17 [Articles]:

Brother Orchid - Warner Pictures Gangster Collection 3 [Mystery Movies]: Gangster comedy featuring florist friars in the end.

Bubba and the Dead Woman [Mystery Books]: Fun good old boy mystery available free

Bullets Or Ballots [Mystery Movies]: Decent enough but not the best in this 4 DVD gangster movie set.

Burn After Reading [Mystery Movies]: Coen Brothers take on the spy thriller, sort of, with their usual dark glee.

Business As Usual [Mystery Books]: Botany professor and boyfriend investigate wine country mystery

Cache / Hidden [Mystery Movies]: The best mystery movie I have seen in four years.

Cadillac Beach [Mystery Books]: A very very wild comic mystery.

Canterbury's Law The Complete Seeries [Mystery TV]: Margulies plays a criminal defense attorney in a cancelled series.

Cash On Demand - Hammer Films Icons of Suspense [Mystery Movies]: Excellent Cat and mouse suspense between bank manager and robber.

Casino Royale 2006 [Mystery Movies]: Simply the best Bond ever

Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof [Mystery Books]: a very entertaining murder mystery

Cemetery Dance - A Pendergast Mystery [Mystery Books]: The zombi did it in this lesser Pendergast mystery novel.

Charlie's Angels The Complete Third Season [Mystery TV]: Great mix of mystery television and jiggle.

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