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Mystery Books - David Baldacci - End Game - A Will Robie thriller

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End Game
David Baldacci
A Will Robie Jessica Reel Thriller
David Baldacci
Grand Central Publishing 2017
406 pages


David Baldacci is a safe bet in an airport bookshop. He writes excellent thrillers with intriguing, well-defined, out of the ordinary characters and mystery or conspiracy plots that keep the reader interested to the last page.  End Game, a thriller featuring Will Robie and Jessica Reel is no exception to that rule though this one is not the best in the bunch.

Robie and Reel work for a mysterious U.S. Government agency and an even more mysterious boss named Blue Man. When Blue Man disappears while on vacation in his hometown of Grand, Colorado. Grand is a small mining town where the mines have shut down and the local business is being home to a whole bunch of survivalists, milicia, white supremacists, and other fringe group who like to be left alone. Robie and Reel have to figure out which of these groups is responsible for Blue Man's disappearance. There is also a story going around that people in chains and were seen in the back of a mysterious white van.

The plot takes quite a twist two-thirds into End Game when the pair discovers Grange is also the home to decomissionned nuclear bomb silos, one of which is being converted into post-apocalypse condos for the very rich.

The pressure on Robie and Reel increases with every day Blue Man is missing but even with the help the local sheriff they cannot seem to find anything that would reveal what happened to their boss.

Clues eventually start to fall into place, leading to an excellent and warranted finale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, End Game by David Baldacci is not his best but is still a solid if perhaps a bit too long read.

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